Five eye-catching ads for house cleaning are being used right now

Digital ads can be a targeted and cost-effective way to reach your marketing goals. Whether you are looking to increase your social media following, brand awareness, or customer conversions, digital ads will help. It’s also easy to track the results in real time to make sure every dollar is worth it.

Learn how to create the best ads online by taking inspiration from our selection of top-rated house cleaning ads.

The Key Elements in Eye-Catching House Cleaner Ads

Your ad should have compelling content to make people want to hear what you say. The following elements should be included in your ad for house cleaning:

Rich Visuals – Your cleaning advertisement should have a visual appeal to attract attention. Avoid text-heavy ads, as they don’t usually engage viewers.

A headline that will catch the eye. This is what users will see first when they view your ad. Make sure it is relevant and timely. Mention a unique aspect of your cleaning service. Use an interesting question, a quotation from a testimonial, or numbers such as the average number of hours spent cleaning each week.

Benefit-rich, short copy: It’s easier to digest and more memorable. Instead of telling your customers what you do, please focus on the benefits that your cleaning service will bring to them. Hiring professional cleaners, for example, allows people to enjoy their hobbies without worrying.

Ads that are targeted to your audience: Customize your house cleaning advertisement to suit your ideal client or buyer persona. You can, for example, create advertisements that target busy moms with a busy household or professionals who don’t have extra time to clean.

Mobile: Today, most people use their smartphones or tablets to surf the internet and check their social media profiles. Make sure your ads for house cleaning look great on mobile and desktop.

A clear call to action. Lastly, users should know what they can do after seeing your advertisement. Encourage users to book, get a free quote, or visit your website for more information about your cleaning service.

Pro tip: Design creative ads for house cleaning using Canva, an online tool that is free to use. Use high-resolution graphics, videos, and images to achieve professional results.

Five House Cleaning Ads Examples

We have analyzed five ads for house cleaning to help you come up with ideas that are feasible and create a great advertisement for your business.

1. Stand out by being creative. Be creative to make yourself stand out. Showcase your excellent reputation and value. Display seasonal ads and add social proof. Offer discounts and special offers to attract potential customers.

Your brand’s memorability is important.

The Cleaning Authority video advertisement makes a lasting impression by highlighting its polished branding in the copy of the ad: “We clean the house with authority so that you can live your life with authority.” The Cleaning Authority.”

Why the advertisement works:

Video content that is professionally produced and engaging.

The message is delivered in seconds with a short, concise copy.

Smiley, friendly employees Look directly at the camera for added credibility and wear brand uniforms.

Clients enjoy their time doing what they want, thanks to reliable cleaning services.

Calls to action, such as “get your free quote” (an enticing incentive without any commitment) and “Learn More,” direct viewers toward the next step.

Takeaway: Building a strong brand identity will help you differentiate your cleaning business from others. Make sure your brand is consistent across all marketing channels, including online advertising, websites, business pages, and traditional ads such as flyers.

Stand out by being creative.

A creative and unique ad can make a lasting impression. Better Life Maids gets it right with their superhero-comics-inspired animated ad.

Why the advertisement works:

An engaging headline makes viewers immediately understand how much time they will save by using professional cleaning services. The article also emphasizes “pet- and planet-safe, recurring cleaning.”

Grabs the attention of viewers with an action-packed superhero comics poster that features a flying cleaner lady with her cleaning tools ready to save the day.

The tagline “STL’s Better Grime Stappers!” adds an innovative punch.

Instant calls to action, such as “Get an instant quote,” encourage viewers to continue to the next step.

Takeaway Creativity makes your ads for house cleaning memorable. A well-designed animated ad will grab the attention of your audience, especially if it uses captivating imagery and humor or tells a compelling story.

Your value and reputation are important.

Maid Right is one of the most reputable and trustworthy cleaning companies in the U.S.

Why the advertisement works:

The headline highlights the company’s unique sales proposition: “nontoxic and eco-friendly cleansing and disinfecting products.”

Beautiful photos show a sparkling kitchen, a lovely bathroom, and a gorgeous living room.

Use the same brand colors for logos, backgrounds, fonts, and photos

To build credibility, highlight “reliable and certified house cleaning services” as well as “award-winning companies.”

Calls to action that include “Learn more” or “Get your instant online quotation today.”

Takeaway: A compelling advertisement showcases the value you provide and the unique benefits that you offer potential clients. This is true whether you only use eco-friendly products, hire certified cleaning staff, or provide award-winning service.

Add social proof to your seasonal ads!

This video advertisement by Better Life Maids is perfectly timed to capture the spirit of Christmas.

Why the advertisement works:

Uses a customer testimonial to show social proof as the headline in order to influence decisions

This 40-second video features loved ones having fun during the holiday season and encourages viewers to cherish time spent with their families. The advertisement highlights the impact of professional cleaning on people’s lives.

The tagline is “Let Better Life Maids Clean for You.”

An effective call to action is backed up by the notable fact “15 Years of Healthy Homes.”

Takeaway: Create ads that are in sync with different seasons and holidays. Seasonal ads can be used all year round, but evergreen ads will help you to pinpoint relatable pain points. Show how cleaning homes is important for holiday parties or spring carpeting.

Offer discounts and limited-time offers to attract potential customers.

Offer a discount to first-time clients? Maybe you’ve got a limited-time, amazing offer that makes people want to act immediately. Soji Cleaners uses clever tactics to promote their cleaning service.

Why this advertisement works:

New clients are attracted by the “$10 off first cleaning service”.

Use a carousel format ad to show different cleaning services, offer exclusive offers, and encourage interaction.

As social proof, the second slide shows a customer testimonial.

People will know that they can get cleaning services at a reasonable price if you emphasize “cleaning service to fit your budget.”

Excellent calls-to-action

Takeaway Discounts and limited-time offers are great strategies to increase customer conversions and boost sales. Select the ad formats that best suit your marketing goals, branding, and advertising platform. Carousel ads, for example, are great for storytelling and showcasing cleaning services. Lead-generation ads, on the other hand, make it easy to fill out forms in order to attract new leads.

Last Thoughts: Promote your cleaning services with attention-grabbing ads

You’ve probably gained some valuable insights from our examples of real-life digital ads to improve your campaign. Set realistic marketing goals for your campaign to determine its success.

Discover the best advertising channels for your cleaning company, whether it’s social media like Facebook or Instagram, Google search and display, or Google search.

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