How to get Commercial Cleaning Leads (4 methods)

Do you have a new janitorial/commercial cleaning business that now needs leads? You may have been in business for some time, but you need more clients to keep your business afloat.

This article will show you the best way to use your cleaning expertise and supplies to generate more commercial cleaning and janitorial leads.

Businesses that require cleaners for their commercial property hire commercial cleaning leads. Examples include hospitals, offices, and warehouses.

Imagine a steady stream of commercial and business facilities requesting your services. Leads to office cleaning leads.

You always have to hire because you never know where your next job is coming from, but actually have TOO much work to do?

You can achieve this by implementing the strategies that we will share with you in this post.

You can use both to compile a list of potential clients in your locality manually and to do outreach. This will expose your business online, allowing you the opportunity to reach out directly to clients.

We suggest that you implement all these strategies as soon as possible if you want to grow your cleaning company quickly.

How to get Commercial Cleaning Leads

1. Get More Referrals

2. Cold Call

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

4. Post on Social Media

Dedicate time to generating commercial cleaning leads

Referrals are a great way to get more business

Referral programs should be offered by every local business to encourage customers, family members, and friends to recommend them.

Ask your existing customers to refer new clients in exchange for some free services or an upgraded service package.

Cold Call

Cold calling is an excellent addition to your business growth plan because you can make dozens of calls in a short time without having to leave your home. Start a Google sheet and enter the information about schools, medical offices, and other niches you would like to target.

Schedule a time to sit down and make some calls. You can ask to speak with the person in charge of maintenance on the property or to their boss. Ask for the best way to contact them or whether you can make an appointment in person.

Businesses are inundated with cold calls. They rarely receive personalized calls from local businesses like yours looking to network.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If referrals and cold calling are like a tap, then SEO is like a firehose when it comes to generating leads and increasing the profits of your cleaning business. It’s impossible to beat a site that is at the top of Google and is attracting 100% free traffic.

Your ideal customers search for your service every day. Your competitors will take advantage of the fact that you are not on top of Google searches every day.

You’ll need a mobile-friendly, fast website for your cleaning company that is optimized for your location and your services. It is important that the design of your cleaning service website loads quickly to avoid frustrating visitors.

If you combine this with a Google Business Profile (depending on the competitiveness of your market), you could rank in the top three positions for Google within as little as three months.

Ask customers to write reviews for your Google Business Profile. Create or claim your profile on, Facebook, Merchant Circle, and other websites that provide citations.

Tip: Make sure the address displayed on the websites you cite matches the address posted on Google.

These two strategies can guarantee that your business will have a steady stream of commercial cleaning clients.

Post on Social Media

Update your social media accounts with pictures and videos of your work as soon as you get your first clients. Social proof is evidence that others have purchased your services and found it valuable.

Social media may not be the first place that businesses look for cleaning services, but once they have narrowed down their list, they are more likely to choose the company they believe can do the best job. The easiest way to promote your work is through social media.

You can also check out our guide on how to run Facebook ads for cleaning businesses.

How can you sell commercial cleaning services?

Focus on your cleaning services’ reliability, quality, and specializations, such as pressure washing or disinfection services.

How can you win a bid for commercial cleaning?

Communication skills are key to winning commercial cleaning bids. Call your client to discuss their needs and provide a solution tailored to their goals.

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