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Are you looking to hire a professional cleaning service for your home? You can find all the info you need before you hire one. Click here to find out more!

Tips for cleaning your Minnesota home during the season

We are pleased to present our guide to Seasonal Cleaning Tips For Minnesota Homes. Cleaning needs to change with the seasons. It’s important to adjust our cleaning routines in Minnesota to meet the challenges of each season. We’re ready to offer expert advice and practical tips on […], from tackling winter salt stains to combating summer pollen to preparing for the colder temperatures of fall.

A Clean Home is a Place of Love: Relationship Benefits from Hiring a Regular Home Cleaning Service

A routine cleaning service can help you embark on a journey of love in your home. Your home is the perfect stage for the most precious moments in life. The unsung hero, the orchestrator, keeps it all together. The ballet of cleanliness is more than a chore. It harmonizes the space and fosters connections. Explore how this service creates a love story in a home that is well-maintained.

How to clean granite countertops without causing damage

Granite is popular among homeowners who want both beauty and durability in their modern kitchens. It is stronger than quartz, marble, and porcelain. If properly cared for, it will last longer. Some cleaning agents and practices can make granite more susceptible to wear. Understanding how to maintain the luster and longevity of granite countertops requires that you know how to clean them. This guide will show you how to keep granite countertops for many years by washing them daily.

What to look for when choosing a home cleaning service

Do you want to hire a house cleaning service? Minneapolis has many cleaning companies. What should you do first? Which one should you choose? Do you pick the housecleaner with the most positive reviews? We have compiled some tips to help you make a decision. Flexible Schedules A good house cleaning service will accommodate your schedule. Mill City Cleaning, for example, works with you on designing […]

Tips on Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

You deserve to enjoy the holidays. You don’t want to spend an hour cleaning your oven before your guests arrive when you are preparing for the holidays. Check out our holiday cleaning tips for better preparation for the next few months.

Deep Cleaning vs Standard Cleaning: What is the difference?

What comes to your mind when you think about cleaning your home? Many people think of standard cleaning when they think about cleaning their home. It involves cleaning surfaces, vacuuming, and sweeping the entire house. There is also the option of deep cleaning, which consists of cleaning every corner and crevice of your home. Which one is best for your home, and why?

Ten Things to Remember When Hiring A Cleaner For The First Time

There are some things to consider when hiring a cleaning service for the first. Do not hire the first person you meet! Many professional cleaners are available to help you clean your home or workplace. These ten tips will help you hire and find the right cleaner for your cleaning needs. Do some research before hiring a cleaner.

High dusting: What is it and its pros and cons

What is high dusting? Many people ask this question, but few know the answer. High dusting is used to clean difficult-to-reach areas and high surfaces. This is a common method of cleaning ceilings, fans, and other elevated surfaces. This blog will explain the pros and cons of high dusting and help you determine if this is an appropriate cleaning method. What Is High Dusting? […]

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