Carpet Cleaning Products and Their Types

In a word, carpets are great. Rugs are great because they anchor different design elements and transform everything into a cohesive look. They also reduce loud noises.

Carpets can also soften harsh angles. Imagine a minimalist or industrial-style decor with sharp edges and sleek corners. The look is good, but it can be a bit difficult. A simple area rug can add a touch of coziness to the room.

You should know how to take care of your carpets if you want to reap all these benefits and more for a long period. The following is a list of the different types of carpets and their ideal cleaning products or processes.


Berber carpets are arguably the most common type of loop pile. It is durable, stain-resistant, and has short, dense loops. Berber’s downsides include its vulnerability to tearing and a lesser cushioning ability.

You can keep your Berber carpet looking good by vacuuming it twice a week with a cylinder vacuum cleaner. (A brush bristle could get stuck in the loops.) Every three months, you should have the carpet deep cleaned by professionals.

You can remove stains from Berber carpets using most cleaning products. Do not scrub off the stain, as this will cause snags and unevenness in the rug. To prevent the stain from spreading, blot it, starting at the outer edges.

Both multi-level and level loop carpets can be cleaned using the same principles.


Saxony is a cut pile carpet where the fibers are tightly arranged and of equal length. The resulting smooth texture and appearance are why Saxony is also known as a plush rug.

It would be best if you had a vacuum with large wheels to clean plush carpets. To avoid damaging Berber carpets, you should only use a vacuum that uses suction. Check if your vacuum’s beater bar or brush can be adjusted to ensure that it doesn’t touch fibers.


Short, curling fibers characterize frieze carpets. This is also why they’re called shag carpets. The carpet has a luxurious, soft look but is difficult to maintain. You can vacuum the carpet after the time recommended and use dry shampoo for regular maintenance. Steam cleaning is the best option for stubborn stains on frieze carpets.

Mix or Patterned

The yarns are cut and looped to create a pattern in a mixed pile carpet (instead of using dyes to color certain segments). Cleaning it requires a mixture of products and techniques. For regular maintenance, a suction vacuum instead of a toothbrush vacuum is ideal.


Acrylic fibers can be used to create carpets that have a more wool-like appearance and are resistant to static stains, and fading. Acrylic rugs are very durable. After rinsing, you can use soap and water to clean the carpets. Then, use a wet vacuum to remove any remaining water or foam. A hairdryer will fluff up any sections that are warped.


Nylon carpets will last a long time. These carpets are incredibly durable, and they can last for many years. They are also easy to maintain because of their durability. A nylon carpet can last many years with regular steam and vacuum cleaning.

A nylon carpet is prone to static, but you can counteract this with an anti-static spray.


Olefin is a polypropylene material with excellent moisture and stain resistance. Olefin carpets are similar to those made of acrylic but much easier and less expensive to maintain. The low absorbency of the fibers makes olefin carpets dry very quickly. Sunlight can also fade colors very quickly. It’s, therefore, best to use olefin in rooms and spaces where there is little sun exposure.


Triexta is a carpet made of synthetic fibers with extra strength. It’s a popular choice for pet owners today. Triexta is an artificial carpet with extra-strong fibers. However, it can be expensive.

You can also use carpet shampoo to deep clean. Don’t be afraid of scrubbing to remove the dirt! Use your vacuum’s “wet” setting to remove any excess moisture, then let the carpet air dry. Vacuum in the direction that the pile is pointing so the fabric will dry evenly.


Wool carpets are luxurious and resistant to dirt. Wool is also an elegant option, but it’s easy to maintain. Most stains can be removed with a spot-cleaning solution and water. Calling professional carpet cleaners is the best way to clean your carpet deep.

These tips will help you keep your carpets or rugs in great condition for many years.

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