Post Construction Cleaning Leads: Get More Contracts

Your objective in creating post-construction cleaning leads should not be to win new contracts by your efforts instantly but to get your services before all contractors in your region to make sure they know who you are should they require you in the future. This article will explain how to gain access to quickly…

ByGeorge Leon | Updated December 16, 2022The aim of creating post-construction cleaning leads should not be to win new contracts immediately through your efforts but rather to get your services to all contractors in your region to ensure that they are aware of your company in the event they need your services in the future.

In this article, we will explain how to swiftly connect with the contractors as possible in your region and create posts-construction leads.

How to Get Post-Construction Cleaning Leads:

Use Social Media

Focus on SEO

Use Traditional Marketing

Join Contractor Boards

Ask for Referrals

Use Social Media

In the year (2022) it seems like everybody is using social networks, but businesses are catching on to it. Aren’t all construction companies engaged on social networks? However, a lot are, so you can choose to like their pages manually, send messages to them, and even start conversations about your products.

Also, we’re trying to create publicity in this instance, so don’t openly advertise your services. Build relationships with other businesses to develop leads for commercial cleaning over time.

Check out our article on the benefits of Facebook advertising for cleaning Businesses to find out how to make use of paid ads and ensure that your message is to more potential leads.

Focus on SEO

Each successful cleaning company must be able to boast an SEO-optimized website for two reasons:

To generate leads through Google search results.

Cleaning websites are the latest business cards. That means people who are interested in knowing the nature of your business and, if legitimate, are likely to look for you online to determine whether you have websites.

The presence of a website opens you to potential customers who have not heard of your business but could need your help.

This is essential in the growth of a residential cleaning company and could be advantageous for the post-construction cleaning business.

Use Traditional Marketing

If you consider the internet to be your most trusted friend, then traditional advertising might be as good as drinking or golf buddy.

If you’ve exhausted all your options on the internet, begin making money by driving.

What are the motives behind dollars?

For those in the cleaning post-construction field, it’s a matter of driving around in search of construction sites. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but you could go to the site and request to meet with an administrator of the construction site. It’s also possible to record a phone number, email address, or mailing address to mail an advertising packet.

Join Contractor Boards

Each state has an authority for licensing contractors, which lists who the contractors licensed are. There are numerous sites where contractors can advertise jobs they are doing so that subcontractors are able to make bids.

These are goldmines that can aid you in finding contractors that aren’t online or are difficult to find in person.

Ask for Referrals

These strategies will get you your first clients. After that, your referrals and website should be able to take your business all the way through the process.

Who should you look for recommendations from?

Framing Contractors

General contractors

Deck & Fence Contractors

Floor Installers

Concrete Contractors

Commercial Builders

Ask your customers to let you know if they know of anyone in these industries that might need your assistance. They might not know anyone from the top of their head; however, when the topic is had among their colleagues about the services you offer, they could mention your name.

Key-Takeaway A referral strategy must be an integral element of any local service provider’s business strategy.

Final Thoughts

Concentrating your attention on post-construction cleaning tasks is a fantastic method to boost the value of your cleaning company’s revenues.

Marketing your business of construction cleaning is not something that requires to be pondered over.

There are plenty of construction firms to work with. Nearly all require cleanup services. It’s unlikely to come across any legitimate competitors that are offering you cleanup work.

If your company requires an online presence, then make contact with our team at Scalebloom to discuss the possibility of professionalizing the post-construction cleaning service you run.

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