Do I need to clean my house before the cleaner arrives? Experts weigh in

It’s a good idea to hire a cleaning service or place cleaner if you need more time. But that doesn’t mean that your home should be left messy. You should declutter and tidy up before they arrive to get the most out of your cleaners and ensure they can do their jobs effectively.

Dalhsie McMullin is the owner of Naturally Luxury Cleaning. Cleaning companies are more focused on cleanliness and sanitation, while housekeeping companies cover the entire upkeep of the space. Generally, no. They focus on the actual cleaning.

Here’s a list of what cleaning services and housecleaners won’t and will do. Also, tips on how to prepare your home for cleaner services.

Should I clean up before the cleaners arrive, or do they tidy it?

Vera Peterson is the president of Molly Maid. According to Vera, cleaning companies don’t tidy up in general. Cleaning companies will pick up some things, but they are doing it to be able clean the area.

Peterson says that the best way to make the most of the time spent by the cleaning crew is for the homeowner to tidy up before the team arrives. Items like toys, clothes, and dishes can get in the cleaning team’s way and hinder their work.

Bailey Carson, Angi’s cleaning and home expert, agrees with Peterson and says it is worth cleaning up before hiring a cleaning service. She says that while cleaning companies can help with the tidying up, they may find it more beneficial to spend their time on deeper cleaning. When professional cleaners arrive at a clean home, they can maximize their services and ensure that customers get the most from the experience.

Do I need to clean my house before the cleaner arrives?

It is optional to vacuum and scrub surfaces before the cleaning service arrives. However, clearing out areas will help people get the best bang for their money. Peterson advises homeowners to clear the clutter from frequently used regions before their cleaning appointment. However, they shouldn’t feel like they have to do any cleaning. “Leave all the hard work to our cleaning team!”

Prepare for house cleaning services.

According to Peterson McMullin & Carson, to maximize the time of a professional cleaning service or cleaner, you must do the following before they arrive:

Remove the dishes from the sink.

Clothing should be stored away.

Toys for children must be stored. Peterson advises that “eliminating as many unnecessary items as possible” will help to clean a room nicely.

You should collect loose paper from your office or workspace.

If the client and cleaner have agreed that sheets will be changed and laundry put away, then it is essential to sort out the laundry, strip each bed and place clean linens on every bed.

Clutter should be removed from all horizontal surfaces, including floors, countertops, and dresser tops.

What else can you do to prepare for a cleaning?

The following steps will help to strengthen the relationship between the cleaning service and the client:

Communicate. McMullin advises clients to inform their cleaning crew if there are any changes in the space since a company’s previous visit. This could include an increase in visitors, a pet, or renovations. This will allow them to plan and give the space more time if necessary. The client should inform the cleaning service in advance if they have any special requests, like additional or alternative services.

Allow space. Carson says it’s best to keep residents out of the way while a cleaning company works. If possible, those who work at home should schedule their meetings to coincide with the cleaning. They can also take calls in an area where the vacuum won’t disturb them.

Talk about cleaning products. Carson advises residents to ask their cleaning company which products and equipment they plan to bring. This will prevent last-minute confusion or unnecessary trips.

Secure pets. Peterson says it’s essential to ensure that ‘furry’ friends, particularly dogs, feel comfortable and safe while the cleaning crew works.

What cleaning products don’t do?

According to Peterson & McMullin, cleaners don’t generally do the following:

Get rid of clutter.

Clean kids’ toys.

Wash dishes.

Do laundry.

Cleaning the inside of refrigerators, stoves, and cabinets is a good idea. Peterson says that these can be done on request.

McMullin explains that “most cleaning businesses have rules prohibiting cleaning anything which could be a safety risk or is higher than a certain height.” “Typically, it is eight feet or anything that cannot be reached safely with a ladder.”

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