Former skeptics explain why hiring a cleaner for your home is worth every penny

Some people hire a housekeeper without hesitation. For others, hiring a house cleaner can be unappealing or inappropriate.

It might appear financially irresponsible to someone on a tight budget. Finding someone trustworthy and competent might seem impossible. It is easier to do the job yourself than delegate what may feel like specialized duties in your home.

Take it from those who have made the same excuses as you for not employing house-cleaning assistance and finally taking the plunge. They are overwhelmingly happy with their decision.

From romantic harmony to increased earning potential, 11 people explain why hiring a house cleaner can be worth it.

More time to work can also mean more money for you.

I have been running my business at home since 2005. Since then, I have had two children. Early on, I learned that to do your work effectively, you must hire others to do the tasks that require time that you should be focusing on. So I hired housekeeping to allow me to run my business. I provided the best possible service for my clients by focusing on them throughout the day. I also had more time at night to spend with my family. Your time is precious!” –Charlotte S.

My business coach asked me to consider the value of an hour and how many hours I spend each week cooking and cleaning. It was a no-brainer when you compare the cost of a housekeeper for a few dedicated hours a week. Hiring a housekeeper freed me of time and energy, which helped me add a few hundred dollars a week to my business.”

It can bring a sense of calm and peace to a chaotic situation.

When my daughter was born, I hired a cleaner. I tried to clean the house with him, but I was always one room in front of him. He could then focus on cleaning. We listened to Motown, which both he and his baby loved. He was used to having seven children and several grandchildren, so his screaming was not a problem. He was also very aware of the need to keep quiet as I tried to put her down. For three hours a week, we were a great team. He was my superpower!”

This can help reduce the conflict between partners.

“Partners may fight over the same housecleaning duties for years, but hiring a housekeeper can eliminate the friction. Tasks are no longer an issue between partners. The fight over who does what and how is more emotional between domestic partners. But when you hire someone else, it’s no longer personal.”

When my husband and I moved in together, we decided that neither we would clean toilets nor deep clean to avoid fighting about messes. We hired a maid once a week. With a new baby on the way, we may consider doing it twice a week!

Hiring a cleaner to clean your home can significantly help people with compromised physical abilities.

“When my daughter turned one and a half years old, and I was heavily pregnant, I decided to hire a cleaner for our filthy house. It was impossible to clean, and I was too large. My husband refused because he’d never had help before. He thought it was strange to have someone else clean up after us. He would ask why we would hire someone to do what we could do by ourselves. We were, but we weren’t doing it ourselves. He has never missed cleaning the toilet bowl. I’m not sure how we hired someone. It’s amazing to see how quickly one can adapt to having “a stranger” in the home when they make your life easier. — Avril, Los Angeles

Consider it like hiring an expert for the job.

It’s funny how there’s a stigma attached to house cleaning – like you could do the job yourself but don’t. The people I hire to do my house cleaning are more experienced than me. When my electrical or plumbing breaks, I won’t try and fix it myself. I hire an expert.” –Lisa F. from Oakland, CA

Save time and energy, and you’ll have more space to rest.

“I was in my late 30s when I hired the first housekeeper. IT WAS HARD TO JUSTIFY MY INDULGENCES when I was single and living alone, but I also worked 65-80 hours weekly. It was a chore to mop, vacuum, and scrub my apartment when I only had a day off per week. Coming home to a clean, peaceful house was a great relief when I finally had time to myself after a hectic work schedule.

The most intelligent decision I made was when my partner and I started fighting over things like who cleaned the toilets last. Having a service come in every week or twice a month is worth the cost of handling the basics. This will save you both mental and physical strain. Weekends are sacred – use them to have fun outdoors instead of working indoors.

Get help with your organization.

Hiring cleaners for such a small area was foolish, but they do so much more. The cleaners can also help organize a space more efficiently. My mom was happy I hired a cleaner because I could focus on my work and life.

You can enjoy messy hobbies and activities.

“My husband, a chef by profession, and I share a 380-square-foot apartment in San Francisco. We both do our work at home. My husband will cook three meals daily because our building is older and we have a small space. However, our apartment becomes messy quickly after that. We both work, and there is only sometimes time to clean a room again. “We hired a cleaning service for the first time, and now we regret waiting so long.”

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