The Chem-Dry process uses up to 80% fewer water resources than the typical carpet cleaners.

Why? The combination of our cleaning process and cleaners is the reason. Instead of using soapy water to clean carpets, as is the case with steam cleaning, the Chem-Dry process uses millions and millions of tiny bubbles combined with Hot Carbonating Extractions and The Natural(r), a natural solution. This means that we use less water, and there are no harsh chemicals or soaps, causing less stress to the carpet. Carbonation lifts dirt and loosens it. Our high-powered equipment removes this dirt. This method is also faster to dry.Our low-moisture process also protects your carpet over time. It reduces the chance of mildew and mold by reducing the amount of water at the base, which protects not only the carpet but also your family.

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Services are more efficient and convenient than steam cleaners.

Next, we’ll make a Christmas Candle Centerpiece. This is a great way to decorate your table for the holidays. It is inexpensive and simple to make, and it’s easy to store, so you can use it year after year.

Materials You’ll Need

Three-pillar candle—You may choose to use the same-length candles or the 3-tiered step-down style. This application is best suited to Christmas colors such as red, white, and green. If you decide to use three different lengths, make sure that the differences are consistent.

A board about 1/2′ thick, measuring 5″ by 12″, will work—any piece of wood, whether it is finished, unfinished, or oxidized and salt-pickled. You can also purchase a length of wood and stain it or paint it in any color you want. You can ask a cabinet shop to cut a board for you from the hardwood scraps they have. Most artisans will be happy to assist with your creative project.

A pencil and ruler (or a tape measure)

Three small nails, a finishing hammer, and a Tico nail are the perfect solution. These nails are easy to drive with your hands, the length is ideal, and you can buy them cheaply in any hardware store.

Sprigs made of cedar or juniper, pinon, and holly—Artificial sprigs will be more fire-safe and reusable.

Choose 4-5 small ornaments for Christmas -Your Choice. You can be as creative with your selections as you like.

Assembling the piece

First, decide which side you want to face up. Lay the board face down with that chosen face facing up. Find the long axis by using a ruler or pencil to measure inward from each side edge. Make a mark at each end 2 1/2 inches from each edge.

The ruler, or any straight edge, should be placed along the axis on the board. This will allow the edge to touch your marks while still leaving them visible. Draw a faint line with a pencil along the ruler’s edge. This line is called the board’s axis.

Make intersecting, perpendicular marks at 3″, 6″, 9″ along the axis. You now have the exact spacing for your candles.

You can use a block or wood to suspend the board above the counter or table you are working on. Then, drive three tacos into the intersections you marked on the board’s axis. Then, turn the board upside down and drive the nails into the wood until they are flush. Now you have three posts, each about 3/4″ in length. You can mount your candles onto these.

The pillar candle base should be pressed onto the posts in the order you like.

Decorate the spaces on the board between the candles, around the edges, and in the open spaces with cedar, holly sprigs, pinion sprigs, or juniper sprigs.

For the entire holiday season, place the centerpiece of your table at the center.

That’s it! It’s done! You can use this centerpiece every year for the holidays. The centerpiece can be easily changed each year for a new look. You can change out the decorations and candles each season so you can enjoy your work all year.

The next project we will be working on is a festive, beautiful DIY candelabra made out of decorative glass bottles. Its uniqueness makes it easy to match any aesthetic, from rustic to sophisticated and everything in between. This Christmas candelabra will allow you to show off your creativity and holiday spirit.

3 – 4 Bottles — You can be very creative here. You can choose any bottle that you like. Choose from a variety of options, including:

Wine bottles with a typical look – Easy to find, they have a classic appearance and are perfect for larger displays.

Beer bottles come in many shapes, sizes, and colors (Clear, Green, and brown). The labels need to be removed using soap and water. For example, the imported Dutch beer Grolsch comes in green bottles with white ceramic stoppers attached to a wire. By removing the labels and cleaning the lettering, the ceramic bottle stoppers can be decorated with a Christmas theme.

The classic Chianti bottle is also known as a Fiasco, which is Italian for “flask.” These bottles are characterized by the classic woven basket that covers the body and their shorter height than standard wine bottles. People all over the globe have used these bottles as candle holders. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Antique bottles can be found at local flea markets or from antique dealers. There are many interesting choices, and bottles do not have to match. If you like, you can experiment with different heights, colors, and designs.

Craft stores – Many craft stores, such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, sell decorative bottles for this type of project.

6-inch taper candles –Choose colors to match or accent your other decor. The same amount of bottles will be needed as candles. You can find many choices in craft stores, and you may also be able to find some at your local grocery store. Keep the display at a manageable height by using six-inch candles. This is especially important when using wine bottles. Imagine using 12-inch candles in a wine bottle. The display would be nearly two feet tall! It would also limit where you could display it in your house.

Wire candle holders for bottle tops (optional) -In the photo, we used wire candle holders mounted on the top of the bottles. These holders make it easier to replace the candles but are not necessary. They can be found at craft stores or online. You can mount the candles directly to the bottles if you cannot see them.

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