It’s not an exact science to remove carpet stains and spots. The success of removing stains and spots yourself depends on the color of the carpet fibers, as well as how long they’ve been left untreated. Why is it that make-up seems to be easier to remove than coffee or tea spilled on a carpet? It may seem random, but the difference between a stain and a spot is what ultimately determines how to proceed. This quick guide will help you deal with carpet mistakes correctly and know when to call in a professional carpet cleaner before it gets worse.

What is a Spot? And How Can I Remove It

You are constantly dealing with “risks” or “blunders,” which can negatively impact the health and quality of your carpet. You can develop an unhealthy carpet by letting chocolate, blood, pet feces, and gum, or even drinking colored drinks like Gatorade. Not all accidents are the same.

As a rule, you can feel a spot but not a stain. It’s easier to treat a spot (until you next professional carpet cleaning), than a stubborn stain.

Makeup, feces, or vomit can all be spots. The sooner you remove the spot from your carpet, the greater the chance you will have to do so. It’s important to know that certain spots, such as nail varnish, may need the assistance of a professional. If you are unable to remove it yourself, combine 2/3 cup cold water and 1/3 cup white vinegar. Contact your local representative.

Understanding what you’re working with

Not all stains are the same. While some stains can be removed by yourself with relative ease, others may prove to be impossible. Some of the harsh chemicals found in foods and drinks that you consume (and spill on your carpet) can’t simply be treated with water-based mixtures. Look out for these stains and call a professional who can remove them for you: mustard, tea, sports drinks, and ink.

When attempting to remove a stain by yourself, you mustn’t scrub back and forth. This can lead to the need to replace your carpet if you have a tough stain. You should also not “deal with it” later. Always treat a stain immediately.

Start by vacuuming up the stain as much as possible. To dilute chemicals, dab damp towels soaked in water on the stain. Continue to blot the stain until all moisture is absorbed.

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