5 Cleaning Life Hacks Busted!

Have you ever watched a video about life hacks or read an article, wondering, “Does that hack actually work?” Based on my experience, they can be effective but are often simply epic failures. Let’s look closer at five tips for cleaning your home and determine whether they work! 

Have you ever watched a live hack video or an article and wondered, “Does that hack work?” According to my experience, sometimes they work, but at times they’re massive failures. That’s why the question is: Do the people making such videos and articles test the hacks? The one thing you can be sure of with us at Clean My Space is that we rigorously test our hacks and share only those that are indeed effective. Let’s examine five hacks for cleaning to try them to see if they work or not!

Coke Cleaning Hack!

Pouring Coke into a toilet bowl might appear gross for some, and if you’re not an avid Coke drinker… It’s an amount of waste. Some people believe that Coke makes the toilet sparkle! The theory is that Coke has the acidity to break the hard water stain. However, it’s true that so is vinegar, and it’s less expensive! Coke is also a sugar-based drink, so leaving it in the toilet can result in bacteria growth, which we would not like to see. What are the results? This well-known cleaning method (bordering with myth) seems to be a flop. Clean your toilet using a Toilet bowl cleaner and not Coca-Cola.

DIY chlorine-free Bleach

Several years ago, we created a video in which we developed a homemade chlorinated bleach. The entire CMS team gathered in the basement to film the video. We were armed with all the ingredients: lemon washing soda, lemon juice, and other things. The idea is to mix all the ingredients to create this horrible-looking mix. You put it in an empty bucket, pour in the hot water, and then throw it into your clothes and leave it for the night to rest. “There is no way that this is going to work!” was the opinion. However, we scrubbed it clean in the morning and laundered the shirt. Then… WOW! White snow. It worked as expected.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cleans Cookie Sheets!

We recently made a video that focuses on ways to use hydrogen peroxide, the miracle ingredient in that brown bottle. A few of the cleaning tricks we found ourselves coming to was this incredible capability of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to eliminate carbonized and baked-on grease from cookies. It’s a vast cleaning problem, there’s no doubt about it. Therefore, we tried it out. We complied with all the directions. We performed all the steps you would do: apply the mix and let it sit for a while, then scrub it and then let it dry. Numerous people have claimed that this trick worked as if it were magic. We found it to be anything but a complete non-success. It is possible to achieve similar results using baking soda on its own. This technique was a disaster.

Compressed Air

We encountered a trick that used compressed air to clear hard-to-reach areas like window sills, dusty vents, and other things. We decided to try the hack, and the answer is, do you think it works? Yes. It removes debris from crevices and cracks. The issue is that it creates an explosion of dirt and dust you’ll have to sweep up. Although technically, it’s working, it’s not helping you save time, as hacking is supposed to do. We’ll label this hack “sort-of-works,” but I believe there’s an alternative method to perform these tasks.

Shower Head Cleaner

If you’ve got a scaly shower head that isn’t working well, you’ve probably seen the trick that instructs that you soak it in vinegar for a night. Is this effective? It’s true; we’ve done it many times at CMS headquarters and spread the word about this technique. It does work.

All you need to do is grab your vinegar (if you already have full-strength vinegar, it’s more practical),l a bag with it, and secure it to the shower head. Allow it to sit overnight and work its work. Vinegar can dissolve mineral deposits,d water, and other factors that cause blockages to accumulate within the shower. When you wake up, rinse, and you’ll notice that your shower faucet is operating smoothly.

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