10 Ways to Save More & Waste Less

Everyone enjoys saving money. I’m not one to generalize, but I’ve never heard anyone say, “Nah, throw that money down the drain!”. But that’s precisely how I felt when I used more than needed when cleaning or didn’t know how to care for my cleaning equipment.

As you’re probably looking to cut costs too, I’d like to provide you with some easy ways to use less, which means you will save money and it’s environmentally friendly too. We all need to be responsible stewards of our environment today!

Loading ads Reusable Napkins

Reusable napkins don’t only work meant for “fancy” people; they’re for everyone. I was once adamant that reusable napkins would be a complete pain and additional laundry I’d be required to do; however, they’re much more practical in the final. There is no need to constantly buy more since you’ll never run out of napkins made of paper.

I place my napkins together with my clean clothes, which means there’s no additional work, and I can rest knowing that it’s a better option for the environment; in the end, you don’t have the opportunity to recycle napkins or paper towels.

Start a Bag System!

Studying the time it takes for the plastic bag to degrade and then break down is depressing. Chad and I visited the Container Store and picked up a fantastic reusable bag that we carry with us every time we go to the grocery store so that we don’t have to buy (or purchase!) plastic bags. We also discovered a fantastic mesh bag to replace the produce we take.

Make Your Sponge Last

You might think you must remove your sponge when it smells or you’ve cleaned off something gross… reconsider! Clean and disinfect it instead of throwing it away; think about cleaning and washing your sponge. There’s a simple method that is better than throwing it away for your pocket and the environment.

Make a bowl using equal amounts of water and white vinegar.

In the sponge, immerse it in the liquid. Microwave it for 5 minutes.

Once it’s finished, take the ice off with tongs and allow it to cool.

That’s it! Your sponge has been cleaned and is free of any lingering bacteria!

Reuse Paper Towel

You may or might not be aware of it. However, paper towels can be used again. I would never recommend using it for incredibly messy cleaning tasks,, but you can reuse the towel for day-to-day- leaning up after spills or gedaily! Wash your towel in the sink and shake it up, and you’re ready to go.

2deg Cooler, 2deg Hotter

I am always awed by being warm in winter and cool in summer. But I admit it’s irresponsible to luxuriate with air conditioning and heating. This year, we’ve decided to lower the thermostat by 2 degrees (and I’m doing fine!). I wear slippers and a sweater during winter and ensure I’m wearing shorts and a T-shirt during the summer. Honestly, I think it’s worthwhile for the difference in price on our bill for hydro.

In the summer, we’re vigilant about closing the window to block the sunlight off and keep the home cool. In winter, we ensure that windows are tightly closed and any leakage is closed.

Two degrees make a slight difference from day to day but an enormous difference in how much energy you spend at the close of the month.

Wash In Cold, Hang To Dry

If you want a fantastic option to reduce costs, think about how you wash your laundry. Consider using the cold wash cycle instead unless you must wash your clothes in hot water on specific occasions when this is the situation.

In the case of drying clothes, unless the dryer is necessary, consider hanging your clothes out to dry instead. The dryer is an absolute electric hog. Even efficient ones will likely cost you a ton of cash each time.

Pickle Juice Power!

If you love anything picked, consider rethinking it before throwing that liquid in the drain! Pickle juice isn’t going to have an environmentally negative impact, but it can provide a very positive flavor impact on food. For instance, you can marinate poultry in pickle juice! This is the method that a successful chicken company uses to make their chickens taste amazing. You can mix it into salad dressings and hummus, add it to cocktails, or even steam vegetables. I’ve heard that it can also be used to tenderize meat and it can be used to pickle food items. You can do many amazing things using the juice of a pickle. Therefore, make sure you use it before you throw it away.

Reuse Jars

When it comes to the juice of pickles, you enjoy jams and pickles as well as olives and all sorts of delicious things packaged in Jars; instead of throwing away empty food jars, bring a new life into the pots by cleaning them and using them to store any leftover food items in the fridge or the freezer (you could also use empty jars for a range of storage solutions). I have the old sauce container to make cooling tea with ice, and I keep soup stored in a pickle container from the past. I also have spices that I’ve put inside old spice containers I’ve cleaned, deodorized, and reused.

Switch to Digital Subscriptions

If you’re currently getting magazines or newspapers delivered to your house, You need to be updated. It’s 2017 (or maybe 2019 as you read this; I’m not sure, but I’m confident this will still be in use)! Many companies are allowing you to sign up for their content online. This is simpler to manage at home, as there are fewer papers to handle, and you also save content much more quickly. When you sign up online, you will receive discounts and access to various other benefits that you would not receive from traditional paper delivery. It’s time to consider changing to an online subscription seriously.

Turn Your Water Off

Naturally, you’ll require water to clean your teeth or wash dishes. But water is a highly scarce resource, and we must all take care of it. In addition, we’ll need to contribute to its cost.

To conserve water, ensure that while you’re cleaning dishes, you’re turning the water off when you’re not using it to rinse or fill up your sink, similarly when cleaning your teeth or skin. Keep a note in your head to only use water in the moments when you’ll need it. And I guarantee you that you’ll be able to see the difference in the cost of water.

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