6 Minimalist Living Tips To Declutter & Simplify Your Home!

Making Clean My Space videos makes Chad and me think about everything we do and everything we allow into our home. We’ve been thinking about clutter in the last few years, mainly because we’re receiving increasing amounts of “stuff” sent to us due to the industry we’re working in. We’ve also developed some rules of thumb on handling clutter and leading a more minimalist lifestyle. Here are our top minimalist tips for living.

Prune on the Regular

I’ve trained countless people to work effectively and efficiently. I am passionate about sharing the best tips and tricks I’ve learned during my work.

Cleaning your home regularly should not be something you do every year during spring cleaning. It’s a practice that should be a part of your everyday routine. Chad and I have been trying to promote this idea in our house for the last couple of decades. We have a scale in our basement. We collect items we don’t want or don’t require or use anymore and put them in a bin. We go through articles from the container each month and deposit them at a center for donations.

Learn to Say No!

The art of saying no can be challenging! However, it’s one of the most effective abilities you can acquire in keeping clutter in check. I’ve noticed that refusing giveaways, freebies, and hand-me-downs is a great way to reduce how much clutter I have in the house. I recently went to an outlet where they handed out gift bags, and I declined. A similar thing happened to me just at Palm Springs. We did a fantastic tram ride to the mountain’s summit, and they handed us small keychains. I was able to say thanks, but no thanks. I’m not even going to be using it!

Keep Surfaces Clear

Have you noticed that when you go into the spa, there’s not an abundance of junk everywhere? It’s because hotels are created to create a relaxing, calm atmosphere. Your brain is most peaceful and relaxed when there’s no clutter. Clearing your workspace is an excellent method to remind yourself that you live in a clear, clean, clutter-free space. What I look at when watching an object on a surface is to ask myself: Is it genuinely stunning? Do I want it there to look at it and appreciate it? Does it function, and do I need it on the surface? It shouldn’t be on the surface if the item does not fall into one of these categories.

Think Before You Buy!

It’s so simple when you’re at the store, and you see a sale on, or your friend spoke about this fantastic new gadget, or you find something you think will benefit your home, so you purchase it! Being a conscious consumer will indeed aid in reducing the amount of clutter within your home and assist you in living a less cluttered life. Many of us are guilty of going out to buy things we don’t require. Most of the time, you don’t end up using them or were planning to return them but didn’t. To avoid being caught in this situation, be aware when shopping. I’ve recently been doing this with clothes, items to do with the house, and groceries! I can assure you that it has been an excellent method to reduce the “stuff” that comes into the home.

Detach Yourself

Every person has an inherent affection for certain things, making it seem impossible to dispose of them. Consider letters from your family, tickets to concerts, toys for children, and old school books… this sort of thing. These items have been kept for an extended time or handed down to you by a loved one. They’re typically associated with a great deal of guilt. So when we eliminate these items, we’re effectively removing that memory. We’ve even made a complete video about how to rid yourself of sentimental clutter, and believe me, I’m not the most ruthless! I’ve felt what this is as I’ve got many things that fall in this category, and I must tackle them.

Stick With It!

According to studies, it generally takes around two months (or the equivalent of 66 days, to be precise) to develop and solidify a brand-new habit. It means you’ll need to adhere to these simple cleaning routines for about 66 days before it feels more natural. It’s similar to eating healthy, but you must incorporate it into a daily choice, not just on a “diet” that will inevitably cause you to gain all the weight back. You must decide that you’d prefer to live in a less cluttered place and follow the minimalist life, and after that, you must choose the ideals for you and take steps towards it gradually. It’s taken Chad and me almost two years to create these practices!

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