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Why Does My Washing Machine Not Spin?

There are times which becomes annoying to us, especially when we go for cleaning our clothes on Saturday’s and Sunday’s and after putting clothes inside the washing machine we find that the tub of the washing machine is not spinning. It happens due to several reasons which we are not even aware of. Just by taking some small considerations we can even come out of these problems within seconds.

If you are a regular user of washing machine, you could have definitely come across this problem couple of times.
We have compiled some of the reasons of these problems which can be sorted out by taking some small steps and start our cleaning as soon as possible.

Three Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Won’t Spin

Overload of the washing machine

It sounds simple but this may be one of the reasons for why your washing machine stops spinning? So, it is clear that if your washing machine has stopped spinning then overload may be the problem. Therefore, inspite of thinking that your washing has got some technical problem or the drum or tub is broken, consider this as the first reason.

Most of the times when a washing machine detects overload it does not even start or if it starts the movement of the tub would not be proper. So, first of all, remove some of the clothes put inside your tub and then try to start it again. We have found that in 90 percent of the cases, this problem exists for not spinning of the tub.

Also, always remember to keep some room inside the tum and do not fill whole tub with clothes as water also requires some space to clean up your clothes.

Unevenly distribution of clothes inside the tub

Spinning happens due to the actuator that balances the tub, keeping the tub on the centre. Due to unevenly distribution of load, the spinning can cause some serious damage to your washing machine. Therefore, it is always instructed to the washing machine not to spin in this case.
Therefore, to get rid of this problem just take out the clothes from the tub and then redistribute inside the tub again.

However, it can also happen if you put 1-2 clothes inside the tub. So, it is always advised to put some of the load inside the tub as small load also distort the balance of the tub.

Washing machine not at level

Yes, this could also be a simple reason of not spinning of your tub. When your washing machine is not at level there are chances that when it starts spinning it would start moving from its place which can cause serious problems to other parts. Therefore, most of the washing machine is directed to stop spinning in this case.

This occurs most of the time in a semi-automatic washing machine, which can be moved from one part of your home to another. These are often provided with wheels for it ease moving.
Therefore, always look for the level ground before placing your washing machine and before start of any cleaning cycle.

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