Tested, reviewed, and rated: The eight best spray mops for 2023

No one likes mopping. Mopping can be a time-consuming chore, cause back problems, and create a mess. Spray mops are more efficient and lightweight than traditional mops, so they can help reduce the stress of mopping. Angela Brown is the CEO of Savvy Cleaner – a program that trains house cleaners – and she says spray mops are preferred by homeowners for mopping their floors. They are the “go-to” mop in between professional cleanings because they are lightweight and easy to operate. Spray mops can be used to quickly clean your floors without having to drag out a bucket.

Spray mops come with cartridges that contain mop solution. You pull the trigger to spray the answer on the mop while you clean. You can throw away the mop pad or wash it in your washing machine if the place is reusable. You can now clean your area more thoroughly without having to use mop buckets.

We tested 16 spray mops to determine our favorites. We evaluated each one on its maneuverability, ability to clean a variety of messes, cleaning effectiveness on different types of floors, portability, and ease of cleaning.

OXO Spray Mop Microfiber

This spray mop by OXO allows you to easily switch from mopping to spot-cleaning. The scrubber is detachable and slides out as soon as you press the pedal. The semi-rectangular, long mop head, made from microfiber, is designed to pick up dirt and dust. It’s also washable and reusable, so you can keep cleaning. This mop is easy to use and fits well under tables, chairs, shelves, and along the sides of tables. The flexible swivel head allows you to clean up to the edges.

It also comes with a bottle of cleaner that you can use to clean all types (hardwoods, tiles, vinyl, and more). Fill the bottle with your preferred mop cleaner and place it in its holder. Then, press the handle on the cleaner to spray it onto the floor. Press the pedal on the floor cleaner to remove the scrubber for extra dirty spots. The mop is thin and lightweight, making it easy to store in small spaces, such as a utility cabinet or against a wall. It was easy to change the microfiber mop head. The hook and loop attachment makes it simple to remove the head. The mop head was washed very well. No stains were left behind.

Panda Grip Spray Mop Microfiber

The Panda Grip mop is an excellent choice if you want a mop that will last and do the job. The Panda Grip comes with a refillable bottle of your favorite cleaner, as well as three microfiber pads and a heavy-duty scraper. The aluminum alloy mop pole will last for years, while the microfiber mop pads can be washed and used again and again. Fill the bottle of cleaner with water, place it in the mop, and pull the trigger. The solution will spray as you mop. Swivel mop heads can be positioned in any direction to reach those hard-to-reach areas under tables, couches, and beds. The mop head is available in a variety of colors and works well on all types of flooring.

The mop was easy to maneuver, and we found it very convenient to clean up close to furniture. You don’t even need to buy extras such as batteries, cleaning solutions, or disposable pads. We noticed that the handle had a hollow plastic area near the trigger. This made it uncomfortable to use.

Swiffer PowerMop

Swiffer’s PowerMop disposable mop pad is an excellent option if you prefer to use disposable pads rather than wash your reusable ones. The mop pad has more than 300 scrubbing stripes that work overtime to remove dirt and grime. When you’re finished, throw the pad away. This kit includes the PowerMop and two mop pads, one bottle of floor cleaning solution, and two batteries.

PowerMop is suitable for all floors that are finished. However, it’s not recommended that you use this mop with cleaner to clean unfinished wooden boards or tiles. The pre-mixed solution makes it easy to use and also breaks down sticky and tough messes. The mop was easy to maneuver, even around furniture. However, the pocket for the cleaning solution can make it difficult to fit under narrow spaces.

Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Mop

We like to use a product that is specifically designed for hardwood floors. The Bona Premium Spray Mop works great. The large mop pads are great for large areas, and they get into crevices in plank flooring. The kit includes the refillable cartridge of Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, as well as a reusable mop. The mop head corners have rubberized covers to prevent furniture from being scratched. There is also a hook at the handle for hanging the mop when it’s not in use. While we like the fact that the kit includes Bona cleaner, the cartridge can be refilled with any cleaner to remove dirt, dust, and grime.

After mopping is done, throw the mop pad into the washing machine. As we found out during our testing, excess debris could fall off the place when you remove it from the mop. You can remove the mop head by pulling it slowly off. You can also shake the mop over the trash before you remove it and put it in the washer. Hang the mop pads to dry. However, we found that even after air drying for 24 hours, the place still had a slight dampness.

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