Here’s how often you should clean your carpets according to experts

Vacuuming is part of a regular cleaning routine, but do you ever give your carpets a deep clean? Cleaning or shampooing carpets should be one of your top household chores. Mats, whether they are wall-to-wall or an area rug, can harbor a lot of unwelcome guests.

Kelley Melchior is Hoover’s senior group product manager. This is 4,000 times the amount of bacteria in your toilet. That’s why it’s important to maintain and clean your carpets regularly. It will also help to extend the life span of your carpet and prevent odors from spreading throughout your home.

Kelley Melchior works as the senior product manager for Hoover.

Hogan Johnson works as an assistant product manager for Hoover.

Grace Jennings is also an assistant product manager at Hoover.

How often should we clean our carpets? And how can we begin cleaning them? Melchior, the Hoover Product Team, and other experts answered all your questions.

How often should you clean your carpets?

Hogan Johnson is Hoover’s Assistant Product Manager. “The frequency varies depending on the size of your home and how many mess-makers you have, but once every quarter should be enough to keep carpets clean,” he says.

She recommends that you vacuum high-trafficked areas every two to three months, depending on whether or not your family has pets or children and what stage of life they are in. Johnson says carpets are more than what our eyes can see.

How to Clean Carpets Properly

Many professional carpet cleaning companies can take care of the mess for you. However, it may also be worthwhile to invest in your carpet cleaner so you can save money and deal with messes immediately. This is especially useful for families with multiple pets or large families.

The Hoover team recommends vacuuming first to remove any dirt or hair. Pretreating any spots with a pretreatment solution will ensure that the extraction is successful.

Grace Lenning, assistant product manager at the brand, says that it’s crucial to buy the right machine for your home. These two work together as a system in order to keep your home clean.

Lenning explains how different pretreats are used to tackle different types of stains. Hoover OXY Solution, paired with SmartWash Carpet cleaner, is ideal for families with young children who may encounter more colored pigments due to food, drinks, or craft materials. They also produce a cleaning solution that targets pet odors and stains.

You can use the carpet cleaner for more than just carpet. Try it on rugs and upholstery. You may need to use a different solution for antique runners. They may require softer products. You could ask your local rug dealer about the best way to care for these heirlooms, or you can pay for a professional cleaning to maintain them.

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