Pongal cleaning tips: 5 easy home cleaning ideas

The next big festival after the Christmas and New Year celebrations is the Pongal. On its way are the delicious sweet rice, ven-pongal, sugarcane, methu vada, etc. Does it make you feel hungry? Yes! Do you know what special event is going to take place tomorrow? It’s the ‘Bhogi,’ or the day to remove the garbage from your home. It means “Cleaning your house ‘…Grrr!” How can you survive the rush and sputter of cleaning the messy room?

I’ve shared with you some easy and effective tips to get that sheen magic in a hurry!

Start cleaning the kitchen. The next day, Pongal is coming up, so it’s best to get everything clean. Then, remove all the powders from the holders and clean them. Dry it off and put the ingredients into the boxes.

Then, start cleaning the furniture. Dust and dirt stick to this wooden furniture, which makes it look old-fashioned. Better dampen a cloth, then gently clean the corners and sides.

Please pay special attention to your bookcases and wardrobes, as they contain the most dust. Remove all books and clothing, clean inside, and place naphthalene beads to keep bugs at bay.

Wash the curtains, bed linens, mats, and other cushions, dry-wash them, and then spread new linens, curtains, and cushion covers. All the rest can be placed in a plastic bin and kept aside for future use.

Next, please focus on the fridge, as this is where we store all of our food. It isn’t easy to clean it every day, but with this Bhogi, you can give it a thorough clean. Remove all ingredients, and if any of the vegetables are rotten, throw them out. Defrost and clean your freezers. (Vinegar can do the magic)

The next day, your guests are expected to arrive. So clean everything perfectly. Please give them a comfortable stay!

Start cleaning your pooja rooms after the cleaning is complete, as the festival will be the following day. Clean all puja items with lime and salt to get the shine. Choose a Professional Cleaning Service to get the job done!

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