How to Extend the Life of Your Mattress?

If you believe in using a product until it has served its purpose, you should also follow tips and tricks for the product’s maintenance. Mattresses are one of those products that have become more expensive and require constant maintenance.

Here are five points you should follow to make your mattress grow with you.

1. No roughhousing

To ensure the longevity of your mattress, you should avoid roughhousing. It is not a trampoline but a bed, so don’t let anyone or any child jump on it. The mattress springs will weaken over time if you continue to roughhouse with them. This will result in a heavy and hard mattress.

2. Dry cleaning is a big NO:

Dry cleaning does not make your mattress clean. It makes it limp and lifeless. Dry cleaning can also cause the fabric density to be stressed and the cotton in the mattress to stick together. The life of a mattress will rapidly decrease if you dry clean it regularly.

3. Breathing Space

In almost all rooms, mattresses are layered with sheets and pillows. Give your mattress some breathing room once every few months to keep it fresh. This is an easy way to remove excess moisture from your mattress without having it go through synthetic washing methods.

4. What is the Right Support?

A common misconception is the idea that mattresses require boards to be placed between them and their bed frames. It is a myth, as mattresses are made to fit into any frame. The mattress board only causes the mattress to be ironed constantly on one side. This flattens the mattress and reduces the spring capacity.

5. Manufacturer Knows Best

The mattress label is ripped off by almost all households as soon as the product leaves the store. It can pose a serious health risk to the mattress, as the most important information is usually found on the label. The manufacturer will list all the dos and don’ts of that mattress and how to care for it. This will help you extend its life.

Mattresses require more attention than is usually assumed. Regular mattress cleaning, in addition to these tips that will increase the life of your mattress, is vital for its health. Professional Mattress Cleaning Services is a better alternative to grandma’s cleaning recipes. You will save time and preserve the life of your mattress.

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