How often should I ask my commercial cleaners to come?

Clean and well-organized workplaces are productive and healthy. It would be best if you worked with your commercial cleaner on a schedule to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. How often should you clean your office?

It depends. Cleaning a workplace is dependent on many factors.

What is the size and type of business?

It is easy to understand that cleaning will increase as the size of the company or the area increases. The more people, the more dirt that gets tracked onto the carpets and floors. Also, the more the kitchen is used, the more the cleaning will be needed. Larger buildings and offices also mean more space to dust, mop, and scrub. It is also important to consider the type of business. For example, anything related to food and health will require more frequent cleaning than a typical office environment.

The type of occupancy

You may have to book more often with your commercial cleaner if your office is located in a shared commercial building. If you have a dedicated space, you may need to schedule more often. You can also customize the cleaning schedule.

What Cleaning Tasks Are Involved?

You should also consider the type of cleaning that you require when scheduling your sessions with commercial cleaners. You may need to schedule cleaning sessions daily, every other day, or even annually.

It’s much easier to create a schedule for cleaning if you have a list of tasks to complete. Here is a guide to get you started:

Daily Cleaning

Every office should perform daily cleaning, regardless of the industry. This includes:

Sweeping and vacuuming

Dusting shelves

Cleaning tables and counters

Cleaning the kitchen or break room

Cleaning mirrors, glass surfaces, and other surfaces

Relining and emptying the garbage bins

You should clean your bathroom daily if it is located in the office. You should ensure that you clean the toilet bowls and replenish the hygiene products like toilet paper and soap.

You should ask a few members of your crew of commercial cleaners to come in at the end of the day for these daily tasks. You need to decide a time when cleaners will be able to do their job with the least amount of disruption if your office is on multiple shifts or night shifts.

Weekly Cleaning

Most cleaning tasks can be done “as required” because they are not practical to do every day. You can’t put off these tasks too long, as they could lead to unhygienic and unpleasant conditions.

Ideally, cleaning chores should be completed on the weekends. So, when people come to a newly cleaned office, they feel more motivated.

Glass doors and large glass pane windows should be cleaned regularly.

Polishing hard surfaces such as floors

Sanitising kitchen appliances

Toilet cleaning

Vacuuming carpets

You should clean your mirrors and glass surfaces whenever they appear streaked. It will vary depending on the conditions. For example, if there has been recent rain. It is important to be attentive and to let your commercial cleaners know that certain tasks might be added to the daily checklist.

Monthly Cleaning

The most difficult and time-consuming cleaning tasks, however, are the monthly ones. If you and your cleaners maintain daily and weekly cleaning, then monthly cleaning will be easier.

Include these monthly cleaning tasks in your checklist.

Shampooing and conditioning carpets

Spot cleaning and washing of upholstery

Vacuuming behind and under large furniture

Vacuuming and changing HVAC filters

Air vent cleaning

Deep-cleaning tile grout

Polishing hardwood surfaces

Cleaning walls with a Spot Cleaner

Toilets deep-cleaned

Water fixtures can be polished

You should check your building’s walkways, walls, and roofs to see if you need to power wash them.

Conditional cleaning

You can also schedule conditional cleaning services when necessary. A deep clean is beneficial, for example, when there are recent COVID-19 infections or other highly contagious diseases in your office. If you have recently renovated or remodeled a part of your office, you might want to request a post-construction cleaning.

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