Checklist for Pre-Monsoon Cleaning

We have all begun to wish for rain a week into summer’s peak. Once the rains start, we’ll all be back to hoping that it will be sunny. Monsoons in Mumbai mean sticky homes, foul-smelling clothes, and fungus cupboards. I think we Indians would be better off following a “pre-monsoon” cleaning schedule than the usual spring cleaning routine. What say you?

Prepare your home for rain with these tips.

Check your mattress

You can rotate, flip, or air out your mattress. If you have enough space, you can also expose it to the sun. This will kill any mites that are living on your bed and prevent the growth of mold spores and fungus during humid months.

Cleaning up the Kitchen

All those canned goods that are past their expiration dates, the soup packets you’ll never use, and all the ready-to-eat meals you bought impulsively but never used can be thrown out. A clean kitchen and refrigerator will inspire you to cook, as well as prevent humidity-loving fungi from accumulating on old food.

Box or Bag

Your best friends are airtight boxes and bags. Do not leave food packets, ex,  reflective leather or clothing, exposed to humid air. Seal them in airtight boxes or bags. Tupperware and Lock& Lock both have an excellent range of airtight containers. Amazon has them starting at Rs 200.

Cleaning Carpets and Rugs

Before the rains begin, carpets and rugs need to be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to air out. You can either vacuum them or use a professional steam cleaning service. Why not just roll them up and use plastic-based rugs during the monsoons instead? They are available at Dmart and other large stores starting at Rs 350.

Prune Your Plants

It is best to prune your plants before the monsoon, as the humid air can make your garden look like a jungle. Remove any deadwood branches and twigs, and repot plants that need repotting. Make sure that you prune your plants in a way that encourages full and pleasing growth.

Change or Clean Shower Curtains

When the rains come, moldy shower curtains become even more moldy! Give them a good scrub, or if you have an old set, get a brand-new one. Here’s a simple way to clean shower curtains.

You can have pristine shower curtains again by washing them at a warm temperature with regular detergent and a cup of baking soda. (Some people suggest vinegar as an alternative.) The extra towels will prevent the machine from tearing the curtains apart and also help the agitating clean action. Then, hang them up to drip dry, and you have a new plastic or vinyl shower curtain.

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