Bajji is the most popular snack

Chennai is a foodie’s paradise, as it’s a fast-growing hub! This is where you can find all kinds of south Indian cuisines. Chennai is the best place to find the most delicious dishes. You can enjoy traditional and authentic food that thousands have enjoyed.

Street food is great because it’s easy to eat on the go, cheap, delicious, and, most importantly, convenient. It would lose its appeal if you added a little luxury. Street food is appealing because of the wide variety of foods that people from different areas prepare. Each location has a unique taste and flavor that is exclusive to them. North Chennai is a foodie hub because you can find a wide variety of street foods within your budget.

The ‘baji’ is a snack that’s very popular in Chennai. And what better place to eat them than on the Marina Beach? The beach is dotted with hundreds of shops selling food such as ‘fried seafood,” roasted corn,’ and ‘fried fish.’ T’e’molaga’ b’jThe’molaga’entic South Indian food is probably the most popular. The baji comes in many varieties, including potatoes, eggplants, or cauliflower, as well as chilies, bananas, and even chilies. But the Malaga is the most popular. It’s mildly spicIt’sd served with a sweet-and-sour sauce. These bajji are priced at just Rs 20 for a platter of six crispy bajji. This crispy goodness is best enjoyed after a long and relaxing dip in the ocean!

Elliots Beach in Besant Nagar is another beach worth visiting, even though it is a bit pricey due to its posh location. The baji at Marina Beach, however, is the best.

Aside from the bajji shops on the beaches of Chennai, several other places serve mouth-watering bajji:

This store, located on Lake View Road West Mambalam in Chennai, is known for its bajji and boli. All Bajji fans should visit this place.

The store is located in several places in Chennai. It’s a must-visit place to get soIt’sslicious bonda bajji. All Chennai food is available under one roof for a reasonable price.

There are certain localities in Chennai that cater to all food preferences and needs.

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