Best Websites for Cleaning Services: Our Ratings for 2023

We share the things we love about these clean websites and the things we’d like to improve. We then give you our best strategies for getting more leads to your site.

What are the characteristics of the top cleaning websites? The effectiveness of a website’s performance is normally determined by its conversion rate. Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to a website who convert into leads for the company.

We’ve looked at 20 of the top cleaning service websites we could find on the internet and evaluated their quality according to the most effective techniques for optimization of conversion.

We also scored them between 1 and 10, with 10 being the highest score. We also commented on each of them regarding areas to improve.

Excellent call-to-actions The call-to-actions include the “Get a price” button in the header as well as a bigger version on the hero area below the headings. They also use secondary call-to-actions in addition to every primary call-to-action. Absolutely perfect.

Amazing cartoon illustrations. Do you like that cool illustration? It’s actually animated whenever you go to the website. This is awesome!

Gorgeous overall design From design to perfect matching icons in the “How to use it” and “How it works” sections, the plan was well designed in every way.

What can be improved?

The palette of colors could appear too simple. The addition of a different color bl, due to the design, can give it more character. It is suggested to use an entirely different hue for the call-to-actions in order to increase their visibility.

Excellent call-to-actions. The header features a well-placed “Get Started” button, and the hero area has an impressive “Get a Free Estimate” button that lets the user understand exactly what they should do in order to progress.

The design is consistent with the branding. The logo’s round shape (the heart) continues with the theme with the round button, the rounded border of images, and their fonts.

A unique design The website stands out and in a good way. The plan also stays authentic to the brand by capturing the retro appearance and feel.

Fantastic call-to-actions, including the “Book Now” button on the header di,stinct from the other links, and the two round buttons beneath the heading will definitely assist the user in advancing. The handwritten script below the buttons provides an individual touch that offers more details.

A price chart This will keep people on the page and allow them to answer their questions without taking time.

Fantastic call-to-actions. The header includes an “Get a Quote” button as the primary call-to-action and telephone numbers as a second call-to-action. The hero area is comprised of a form, with the submit button as an initial call to action.

Averaging rating. Placing the ratings along with those of Google or Yelp icons beneath the submit button will make the user feel more secure about the decision to proceed.

Amazing illustration: This site is distinctive due to its gorgeous custom illustration with a simple gray background.

The form doesn’t comply with accessibility guidelines because it doesn’t have labels. The state does have placeholders. However they are not an alternative to brands.

Excellent call-to-actions. They are equipped with a green call-to-action button in the header and another green call-to-action button in the hero section.

The image sells the idea. This is the family having fun together after hiring a cleaning service.

It’s not necessary sideways call-to-action. They will place a floating call-to-action to the right of the page rather than making the heading “sticky” (fixed-position). This could reduce the conversion rate when compared to a fixed-position header.

A clear call-to-action The Book Now button in the header, as well as the form on the hero page, make it easy for cleaner leads to contact them quickly.

Rapid onboarding prospective customers can view pricing straight away and then book a service easily.

Superhero image: The most appealing images depict the experience a purchaser will have after purchasing. This image shows mom spending much more time with her children due to the time she saved by hiring cleaners. The vision perfectly aligns with the heading of their company.

Clear call-to-actions. They use an attractive “Request an Estimate” button in the header and an even bigger button in the main. They also offer a telephone number for a second call-to-action and even a hyperlink for “Text Us.”

The image is a dream of the mother and daughter who have more time after enlisting a cleaning service.

Headings positioning. Headings are usually placed to the left or in the center of the screen. Putting them in these areas improves trust and user-friendliness because people love the things they’re familiar with.

Fantastic call-to-actions. They have the pink “Request a Free Estimate” button in the header, along with a telephone number for the second call-to-action. They also use the primary call-to-action in the hero section.

Typography Typography: Their fonts match the remainder of their branding. You can see the same font on their logo, headings, and the vehicle wrap.

The main image is blurry, which gives the site the impression of a lower-end.

The header is overcrowded. There are too many options for the title, causing confusion to visitors and making it difficult to make a choice.

Fantastic copywriting. Their headings and subheadings are more imaginative and attractive than the majority of cleaning sites.

A great call-to-action in the hero section: the “New Customers Save $20” button is an excellent way to boost conversion rates.

The colors in the image match the branding. Note how the blue home and green landscaping in the image match the colors of the logo of the company.

What can be improved?

Image of Blurry Hero The car image the website is using is not high resolution, making the site a less luxurious appearance.

An uneven top-header layout: See how the hours, the service area, telephone number, and logo aren’t aligned. This also gives an unprofessional look on the site.

What do we like about

The utilization of video Video is a great way to keep your visitors interested. A lot of people prefer watching videos over reading text.

Coupon-inspired discount boxes: Everyone likes coupons.

Social evidence through Google or Yelp ratings.

What could be improved?

There isn’t any call to take action in the hero section.

The headline to the right is a unique layout. Utilizing layouts that are not familiar can lower the rate of conversion.

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