Bathroom Cleaning Secrets You Should Know

After 14 years of working in the cleaning field, I admit that I don’t enjoy taking care of the bathroom. Despite this, I’ve discovered some tips for cleaning the bathroom, which have allowed me to master the task. Here are a few small time-savers that can make a massive impact in a tiny space!

Toothpaste Splatter

When I watch individuals brushing their teeth in films or on television, I always scream at the screen, telling them, “No, no. It’s not done correctly. Your dentist might shout to you!”. When you’re cleaning your teeth, it’s normal for them to be a little foamy, and if you’re staring at your beautiful morning reflection in the mirror, similar to what they show on TV and the internet, you’ll see toothpaste everywhere! The best advice is to always look towards the sink when cleaning your beautiful whites. This way, your spits, and spills flow straight to the drain, not on the counter.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning

This is where you’ll have to force the bowl’s water through the chute using the help of a plunger. This will let you expose the bowl and provide it with a thorough cleaning. Treat the surface using your product, then give the bowl a thorough scrub before flushing the bowl. The bowl will fill up to the average level, Clean and fresh again!

Let the Product Do the Work

I’ve been arguing about this for a long time, but I’m aware that 8 billion people live on the globe, and there could be some I’m still trying to convince! If you apply the product on a grimy or dirty surface, spray it first, then let it rest for five to ten minutes before returning to clean and scrub. This is referred to as pre-treatment or marinading in BBQ terms. It enables the product to tackle the dirt and complete the work it’s intended to accomplish. Allowing the product to work its magic and treat the surfaces first will reduce your energy and time!

Vacuum First!

The bathroom, or at least in my home, is not a pleasant location after I’ve done my hair. That is why I try to clean and vacuum before I sweep the floors. I pushed a weapon across the bathroom and put a large,e ugly, old pile of hair beneath. Yuck! Make sure to dry treat your floors or wash them first. Then, mop them up!

For a sturdy and reliable mop, look into Maker’s Mop bundle!

Get the Kids Involved

No more challenging or devoted person than the child is looking for a way to earn a little extra. I am aware of this since my family employed me as a child to tidy the house on weekends as a youngster, which cost an amount of money. At least, this was my impression when I was a teenager. When I think back today, that amount of money was a great incentive to work.

If your bathroom is harrowing, put some money in the pot and get your kids involved! If they use their bathrooms on their own or if you have a shared one, this is an excellent method to teach them to keep their bathrooms clean and let them make some cash while they’re working!

Whiten and Brighten

It’s unnecessary to be in your bathroom looking at the dirty grout lines. Here’s a simple and fast solution! Make a paste using two parts baking soda and 1 gram of hydrogen peroxide. Then apply it to the discolored grout. It should sit for 10-15 minutes, then scrub it thoroughly using a toothbrush to clean it and wash it off. Between baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, the pre-treatment, and cleansing, this treatment will lighten and whiten the grout lines in no time!

Here are some additional homemade cleaning recipes to meet every cleaning need!

Turn the Fan On

Suppose you’ve ever had to complain about mildew or mold within your bathroom or pink matter growing on your shower curtains or the toilet bowl. In that case, It’s a clear indicator that there’s excessive humidity inside your bathroom. It is the perfect opportunity to look at the bathroom fan and ensure it’s running correctly. To eliminate water, turn on the fan before entering the shower. You can leave it on for around 30 minutes following your storm or even 60 minutes!

If there isn’t a fan, you can open the window and ultimately let the air in the bathroom flow out. It is essential for your bathroom to feel dry, not it’s a tropical getaway, each when you shower. The humidity is supposed to be the same as the humidity of other rooms in your home. Otherwise, you’re likely to notice mildew and mold growing and spreading.

Corral The Clutter

Trays don’t just look cute from design blogs. They’re instrumental in spaces like bathrooms where you must collect and organize everything in a tiny area. Before I started using an organizer tray, my things were scattered all over the place constantly. I struggled to keep everything organized and had only one or two bathroom products. Since I’ve got the tray to store everything, it’s where it’s supposed to be, and it’s not creating a mess. We have a tray in our bathroom. Chad owns him, and I have mine with our tiny creams and bottles of soap well-organized.

The Wipe Down

I’ve spent hours discussing using a squeegee in your shower as it’s essential to take care of. It removes any excess moisture and cleans the body of any dead skin or shower products lingering on the walls of your shower. This will make life much simpler later on and is a vital job. I’ve spoken about this issue with shower walls, but I haven’t talked about it regarding the tub.

Suppose you’re like me, who likes to take a bath and apply one or two facial treatments while in the tub; you’ll discover that when you drain the water, there’s an oily residue left. If you’ve been taking many baths within one week, you’ll be able to see that as time passes, it’s becoming a build-up of this substance that forms a soiled gray ring around the tub.

The trick is to keep a tidy microfiber cloth in the vicinity of the tub so that when the tub is draining, you can clean it down. It’s so simple and can significantly impact how the area around your tub appears!

I’m happy to be here with you on your way to a cleaner life! If you cannot get enough tips for cleaning your bathroom, take a look at the bathroom cleaning posts!

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