10 Ways to Spend LESS TIME Cleaning the Bathroom

I am aware that cleaning the bathroom is among the most unpleasant areas in the home to keep clean. It’s true, and I’m with you. However, over time I’ve picked up specific tips I would like to give you. I hope these tips will help you decrease the time you must devote to cleaning your space since you already know that. There are better things to do other than scrub the bathroom!

These are a few tips you can implement into your routine to cut down on the time you spend cleaning, and you’ll never have to take your keister from the bathroom unless you have to use it.

Reduce Your Stuff

I’m sure this will be difficult for all the beauty lovers out there, but reducing the amount of clutter in your bathroom makes an enormous difference in the time you spend cleaning. A lot of mess and dust equals more work. I’ve seen it happen when I owned bottles of skincare and hair products; they can get oily and attract dust.

If you can simplify your skincare routine and decrease the number of products you use, it will make a huge difference in keeping your bathroom clean and neat. Another suggestion is to store items in a fantastic space, like on a shelf or in a cupboard. This will help you maintain counter space and other surfaces clear of clutter and help you to keep clean!

Use a Dish Wand

Contrary to popular opinion, you can clean your shower tiles using the dish wand when you’re in the shower has not taken off due to TikTok. It’s an OG cleaning trick discussed and practiced for over ten years.

If you’re not interested in cleaning it, like on a Wednesday night, when it requires cleaning, you could take the time to clean it during your shower. Who doesn’t enjoy spending a few minutes in a gorgeous shower? It’s also an extremely efficient method to cleanse. When you’ve finished your routine showering, grab your dish wand, soak it down, then scrub the tiles while you proceed. It is essential to know that the floor could be slippery. However, you’ll want to wash from top to bottom and go right to left. This will help keep your home tidy as you clean the areas by area. Rinse everything in the shower. Give your tiles a nice clean, and then squeeze everything dry.

The cleaning recipe that I use every time is made up of equal parts vinegar and dish soap. If you do not wish to make your bathroom smell like a cleansing job, add some drops of essential oils to the solution or use unscented dish soap with the wand for your dishes. Please go through our Comprehensive Handbook of Essential Oils for additional tips and tricks to use these beautiful scents.

The Toilet Isn’t a Garbage

I’ve already said it before, and I’ll repeat it Toilets are meant to be used for bodily functions, and toilet paper is all they are! If you use them as a personal trash can and you’ll notice that they get blocked and do not function correctly, you’ll have to deal with issues with the toilet and cleaning your bathroom. Hair was, baby wipes, dental floss, and all other rubbish are tossed in the trash. You can leave your toilet to complete its job of handling the waste along with toilet paper.

Use a Squeegee

Every time you showers, you should stop and ask yourself, “Did I squeegee today?”. If the answer is no, it’s as easy as adding one or two additional steps to your routine. Take out your squeegee, and begin wiping the remaining water off. I’ve been promoting the benefits of using a squeegee in the shower for a long time.

This job is important because while you shower and cleanse your body, a lot of stuff is thrown around on shower tiles and glass. After the water has evaporated, and leaves behind a scum of soap scum which will accumulate in time. If you squeeze your shower with a rubber blade, and scrape all that soap grime off the glass and tiles, You will never need to worry about building up for the rest of your life.

Pre-Treat When You Clean

When cleaning the bathroom, you should think of cleaning in two phases. We first treat the area, then scrub and wash. If you complete all of this in one go, it takes longer since the product won’t have time to perform its job.

Begin cleaning by walking around in the bathroom, spraying the entire bathroom, and letting the product soak into. Return to where you started by wiping and scrubbing the whole area. If you follow this simple method, you’ll begin to see that the product does your heavy lifting!

I believe that if you select the correct product and equipment for the job, you will cut down the time you work on it. IT PROVED TO BE AN INCREDIBLE GAME SHIFTER when I started to incorporate this into my professional and personal cleansing routines.

Always Be Chilling

The phrase ABC can mean various things to people of all ages. However, in cleaning the bathroom, I interpret it to refer to “Always Be Chilling.” This is the practice of using fans or allowing a window to open while showering or using the water within the bathroom. This is because the fan’s job is to draw out the moisture that could otherwise be present in the bathroom. This water feeds bacteria which could then turn into mildew or mold.

It’s a straightforward solution that can be dealt with quickly. If you eliminate the humidity in your bathroom, it won’t look like a tropical setting which is the breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and mildew. One good tip is to employ a timer to ensure you properly dry everything. At home, we are fortunate to own one of the timer fans. However, you can also utilize your phone or a kitchen timer from the past. Set the timer to 30 minutes after you get into the shower and then for another 30 minutes when you leave the bathroom once you’re done.

If you don’t have a ventilator, Don’t worry; simply open the bathroom window and remain open during the entire shower and for about an hour or so afterward. This will clear the mess and ensure a clean and dry bathroom!

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