6 Expert Cleaning & Decluttering Hacks

After working in the cleaning field for over ten years, I’ve learned a lot of tricks and hacks for cleaning that can save time. It’s no secret that I’m not one to do lots of chores if I can find a quicker yet practical approach that I can employ to the job to be completed. Therefore, I’d like to give you my top tips for cleaning and decluttering, which will yield excellent results and make your home look beautiful. However, you won’t have to spend much time working on it.

DIY Magic Eraser

The first thing I’ll do is to provide an easy DIY eraser for you to use. Take a tiny amount of baking soda into one and a moist sponge in the other, and then apply a dab of the edge of the sponge with the baking soda. Then gently scrub the scuff marks (note that you must use your sponge’s soft surface for this). Once finished, clean the spot using an unclean microfiber cloth, removing any baking soda traces. Always test your ideas like this in a safe area to ensure it doesn’t harm the surface.

Concerning scratch marks, another option to consider is a real eraser, similar to an eraser made of rubber. This is a great way to get rid of marks left by scuffs on floors made of wood. Just take the eraser, then… remove the scratch! It’s simple and effective on all kinds of scrapes.

DIY High Dusting Tool

When we think of cleaning, we tend to consider what’s within our view, and, as a rule, we don’t glance down frequently or look upward as often. Instead, we’ll focus on the top. In the spring, heavy dusting is required; however, we tend to overlook this because it typically requires stepladders and a lot of work. Don’t be a slacker! I have a simple trick for you. Use a mop pole (normally take the mop head off on every mop) and a general-purpose microfiber towel. Place the cloth on the mop pole, then secure it halfway down the fabric using an elastic band. This can be thought of as the magic wand for cleaning. It can be used to stroll around your home by dipping your fingers into any corners or areas of molding, including over the door frame, artwork, or other artwork. Use your high-dusting magic wand to clean any of these places. If your microfiber cloth has become very spongy, turn it upside down or move it to a new section, attach it again, and continue.

The Hanger Trick

One of the most talked about subjects I hear about from members of the CMS group is the difficulty of cleaning out the closet. I get it. It’s emotional and exhausting, and you’re not ready to dispose of things since you’re afraid you’ll require it and have sunk money for it! I like to hang my hangers with the back facing me so that my clothes begin at, let’s call it, ground zero. If I wear a particular garment, I turn it back in the reverse direction. This way, I can be sure I’ve worn the garment. When I finish each season, it’s evident which garments I’m supposed to give away and what I will wear.

Lemon Hacks!

If you’re in the kitchen and come across an unopened lemon and have 5 minutes taken up, I have a two-for-one cleaning trick for you! The lemon should be cut in half. It is into two halves. The first part of the lemon and put it in the bowl. Fill it halfway with water and place it in the microwave for three minutes. While it’s cooking, take something coarsely salted and sprinkle it on the surface of your board. Use the remaining half of the lemon and, with the fleshy side up, scrub your cutting surface in a circular motion. Rinse and dry your cutting board before returning to the microwave. Get the bowl out and clean the interior of your microwave. This is an excellent method to deodorize and clean your cutting board, remove the odor, and clean your microwave.

Use Professional Tools

Clean your windows is your most impactful task in your home. But this is a significant task in the context of the conventional method of cleaning windows, i.e., spraying and wiping. If you’re using the S patterns and excellent sponge, this will likely take some time, particularly on windows outside and sliding doors. Instead, I use the steps of professional window cleaners. They employ the dual-sided squeegee and a quick cleaning solution inside a big bucket. This isn’t an actual “hack” but a method that can help you save a lot of time. Therefore, grab a uniform bucket. Fill it up with hot water. Then, add one glass of vinegar and one teaspoon of dish soap. Mix it all up, put the squeegee into it with the fuzzy side first, and then apply the solution to the window with it in the S pattern. Flip it around and use the natural rubber squeegee. You’ll go from the top to the bottom in just minutes and have the most crystal clear windows!

Give Your Home The Hotel Treatment

In some of the finest hotels around, you’ll see people constantly working on polishing paint, retouching, and polishing things. Ratches and scuffs are inevitable because hotels are frequently visited, and all the luggage moves around. If they are not addressed, hotels will begin to appear old and look a little worn. Therefore, the best hotels are on top of managing those “small things” regularly. When you look at this from the perspective of your own home, we leave fingerprints on the walls over the years, and we see scratches from where we take off our shoes or objects that might scratch along the border. As time passes, these little things accumulate and become more pronounced, creating a dingy appearance. Therefore, if you care for scratches, apply some color to the blemishes and take care of those baseboards. These small things will make your house appear much fresher and cleaner with (relatively) minimal effort.

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