6 Amazing Rubbing Alcohol Hacks!

When you think of rubbing Alcohol, it’s the first thought that pops into your thoughts: likely not cleaning. It is usually thought of as a thing you would find in a first-aid kit. But rubbing Alcohol has many excellent cleaning applications. The reason it’s an effective cleaner is because it’s a disinfectant. Therefore, it kills bacteria upon contact. It’s quick-drying, significantly reduces streaking, and can lift dirt and grease. The most important thing to remember is to keep it out of an open source of heat or flame since it’s flammable.

DIY Disinfectant

When the flu and cold season arrive, you’re not sure you want bacteria lingering in the home. This is the time when the use of a homemade disinfectant is a great option. It can be made by using just water and rubbing Alcohol. Get an unclean spray bottle with 1 cup of plain water and one cup of ruby alcohol. If you wish to increase the antibacterial qualities, adding approximately 20-30 drops of essential oil, such as tea tree or lavender, is possible. Both have antibacterial and antiviral properties. The bottle should be shaken and then sprayed onto the affected surfaces, such as points of contact such as sinks, toilets, and whatever else requires disinfection. It should dry for a few minutes, also known as dwell time. This is vital to kill the bacteria. After that, wipe it clean, then you’re finished.

Cleaning Blinds

If you have vertical or horizontal blinds, then rubbing Alcohol could aid in cleaning them quickly. Blinds can become filthy as time passes, but this is an easy solution. Put ruby alcohol in the form of a spray bottle or tiny sprayer. Get yourself a used sports sock. Flip it over, then insert your fingers in it so you create a Sock Puppet. Close your blinds so that they lie flat, then give them a lovely spray with ruby alcohol. Moving section of the section, roughly 3-4 slats at a go, then place the sock on the slat and gently pull it towards the other side. The rubbing alcohol helps break dust and dirt, and it aids in cleaning.

Screen Cleaner

Check out the screen of your mobile phone. Are you finding it to be a little grimy and oily? Please look at it this way: you put it on your ear, which creates wax, then it’s placed on your face, makeup, and oils, then you get it in contact with dirty hands, and it all ends up on your smartphone. Now and again, giving your phone a good cleaning is essential. This will not only take the grime off but also the bacteria that prefer to be there. Cleansing is as simple as mixing equal amounts of rubbing Alcohol and water and applying it to an unwoven microfiber cloth. After that, take off the case or case, if you have one, and give your smartphone a thorough wipe-down. Making an S pattern from beginning to end on both sides is easy. You could also apply this technique to clean your phone’s case. It can help get rid of any discoloration or dirt and also.

Chrome Cleaner

What’s more annoying than trying to make your chrome fixtures shine and clean, only to wind having them streaky? Grab some rubbing alcohol, place it on a soft cloth, such as a general-purpose microfiber, and clean the chrome fixture. The rubbing alcohol can help remove any water spots; the best part is that it polishes it to perfection. Another benefit is that it can help cleanse your fixtures.

Eyeglasses Cleaner

You can create your own instead of paying a lot to clean your glasses. Find a spray bottle, and then fill it up 3/4 of the way with ruby alcohol. Fill the rest with plain water; add a small amount of dish soap (about one-half the size of a nail). The bottle is then taken, and you can move it around into your palms; this allows you to disperse the contents without forming bubbles. Spray your glasses from either side of your lens using the spray, then remove it with the flat microfiber cloth, something you might find in the case for your glasses or Maker’s glass cleaning cloth.

Hand Sanitizer

If you’re interested in hand sanitizer but are not a fan of using triclosan to clean your hands, it might be a good idea to think about creating your homemade hand soap that is simple to develop. Shop at the drugstore to locate pure aloe vera gel, not green stuff. Make sure you have a fresh squeeze bottle, and then include 1 part rubbing Alcohol and two parts aloe gel, one tablespoon of nutritious oil such as vitamin E, and sweet almond oil. Add fifteen drops of your preferred essential oil to make it smell good. Give the bottle a quick shake, and you’re finished. It can be placed inside your wallet, car, diaper bag, or aanywhereyou’d typically store your hand cleanser.

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