What to Give Your Commercial Cleaner this Christmas

The holiday spirit also hits the masses when December arrives. This is a time of joy, especially for those who have worked hard all year. Offices from Auckland to Wellington, the South Island, and beyond are in a festive mood.

Office cleaners will still have a lot to do after the Christmas party. They worked just as hard to keep your office sparkling clean throughout the year. They have to do a little extra to make sure that all traces of the holiday celebrations will be gone when you return to your workplace. You owe them your gratitude!

New equipment and accessories to help commercial cleaners do their job faster and easier would make a great gift. Likely, they have already chosen their favorite tools.

Check out this list of unique and memorable “gifts” to give your commercial cleaners at Christmas:

A Party’s Advance Notice

Let your cleaners and maids know if you are having a party for Christmas, New Year, or other festivities. You should inform them at least one or two weeks in advance so that they can adjust their schedule accordingly.

Tell them what level of cleaning you require. Do your cleaners need to dispose of decorations from parties? Do you require a deep cleaning of your carpets at the office, or is simple vacuuming sufficient?

Your cleaners can plan their work and schedule better if they know all these details.

Confetti and Glitter are Absent

Confetti and sparkles make everything look festive. They are difficult to clean. Glitter can find its way into the most obscure corners and crevices of your office. Even the most thorough commercial cleaning services might miss some bits and pieces that can remain in your office long after the Christmas season.

Confetti and glitter do not biodegrade. You may make your party sparkle, but at the same time, you are harming our planet. Don’t use confetti or glitter as party accessories and decorations. You will be doing yourself, your cleaners, and the Earth an enormous favor.

Clean As You Go: The Implementation

Yes, your office cleaners will take care of any spills, messes, and trash left over after a party. Most, if not all, of your party guests and employees are adults. They are able to clean themselves.

Following the party, or any other event for that matter, make sure to adhere to the principle of “cleaning as you go.” Sort and put your garbage in the bin. Separate recyclables like glass bottles and cardboard.

These simple tips can make your commercial cleaners’ job so much easier.

You can recommend other clients.

Do you like the professional cleaning services that your cleaners provide? Your trust and seal is one of the best presents you can give to them. You can also refer them to others who might need top-notch cleaning. It is important to do this for newly launched or small franchises.

Your cleaners can provide better service when their business is flourishing. They will have better equipment and more staff. It is easy to refer them to clients, which will benefit you both.

Enjoy a Nice Meal

Office cleaning is already exhausting. Add party cleanup to the mix, which can be exhausting. Treat your cleaners to a healthy meal to keep them going.

You can give them food before or after you clean. You can match the menu with what you had at the party. You can give your cleaning staff a gift certificate to a restaurant.

When giving food as a gift, be careful. Be aware of religious restrictions, allergies, and practices.

Security in Your Office

Don’t forget to lock everything up after the party. It helps to prevent vandalism or theft that your cleaners will be surprised to find when they arrive at your office.

Assign this task to someone prior to the start of the celebrations. Consider it like choosing a designated nighttime driver.

Last but not least, personally thank your office cleaners and let them know how much you appreciate their work. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing your work is appreciated, regardless of the circumstances.

The best gift you can offer your commercial cleaners is to make their job easier. They work every day to keep your office organized and clean to ensure your safety and health. You can at least give them an easy day. This is a simple yet memorable gift.

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