There are eight cleaning and care mistakes you might be making with your wood furniture.

This advertisement will expire in 3. It’s easy to forget to clean furniture from time to time, but cleaning wood furniture requires extra care and maintenance. In order for your wood furniture to last a long time, you’ll want to clean it properly. Unfortunately, it’s a bit easy to damage your nice wood furniture potentially.

Taylor Matthews, Owner of Sparkling Queens in Savannah, Georgia, explains that wood is porous by nature and can be easily scratched, stained, or damaged if improper cleaning methods are used. It’s crucial to use a wood or multi-purpose cleaner safe for wood furniture. This will prevent damage to the finish.

Matthews has answered our questions below about the most common mistakes people make when trying to care for and clean wood furniture. We also asked Matthews for her best tips on how to clean wood furniture.

Before you begin cleaning, pay attention to the finish of your wooden furniture.

Matthews explains that you should note whether the wood is coated with shellac or has a laminated surface. Not all finishes are the same. Raw wood is drier and more prone to staining.

Do not spray cleaning solutions directly onto wood furniture.

Matthews says that because wood is porous, it’s possible to leave permanent marks on furniture by spraying cleaning solution directly onto the finish. Always spray wood cleaner onto a microfiber towel before wiping the table.

Before cleaning wood furniture, always dry the dust off with a microfiber rag.

Matthews says that dust can be abrasive and wood is very susceptible to scratches. Don’t spread dust that is wet around, as you may accidentally damage wood furniture.

Do not get wood furniture wet when cleaning.

Matthews warns that wood tends to expand when exposed to moisture. So, use only a small amount of multi-purpose or wood cleaner.

Skip the wood polish.

Matthews says that these products contain silicone, which is designed to create a protective barrier. However, they can attract more dust over time and cause your wood finish to become gummy and stickier. These silicone-based products may make surfaces harder to clean.

Regularly clean your wooden furniture.

Matthews recommends cleaning and dusting your wood furniture every month. Do not allow dust to accumulate over time. It will make it harder to clean.

Avoid leaving glasses or cups on wooden furniture.

Matthews warns that leaving drinking glasses, cups, or mugs on wooden furniture for a long time can cause discoloration, watermarks, and stains.

Avoid direct sunlight on wood furniture.

The sun’s UV rays can permanently damage wood furniture. Matthews suggests that to maintain the finish of your wood furniture, you should keep it indoors and out of direct sunlight.

How to Clean Wood Furniture

Always start by dusting with a microfiber cloth. You’ll be working on a dust-free, clean surface. Matthews explains that after spraying wood cleaner on a microfiber cloth, you should wipe the furniture down by hand. Be careful not to soak the wood. Pay attention to any gummy residue. Do not rub too hard, or you may scratch the finish. Allow wooden furniture to air-dry.”

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