The five things you may have forgotten to clean in spring that you need to clean this summer

We think you may have forgotten some cleaning tasks this spring. The summer is a time for relaxing, enjoying the weather, and cleaning around your home or office.

This update will tell you the most common jobs that are forgotten during spring cleaning. Add these to your Summer Cleaning list!

Behind Appliances

No one enjoys cleaning behind large appliances, but we know just how much dirt and dust can accumulate! A deep cleaning of these areas every year is the best way to stay on top of things. Check for mold or mildew on the walls or any leaky connections or pipes.

Get the dishwasher, fridge, and oven out of the wall. (Always ask someone to help you lift heavy items!) Have fun! In no time, you can have your home looking new with good dusting and a quick vacuum. You can relax knowing that nothing is hiding behind anything.


When was the last time that you cleaned your mattress? How do you clean a bed? You can vacuum your mattress after you have removed the bedding to remove dust. Some vacuums have a smaller brush head that is designed for furniture and upholstery. This is ideal for mattresses. After vacuuming, use a spot-cleaner to remove any stains and let it dry. Flipping or rotating your mattress will help to prevent it from wearing down unevenly.


Microwaves are another item that is often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. It doesn’t matter if you use your microwave every day or just occasionally. Odors and spills can accumulate and cause problems. You can ignore it because it’s closed, and you won’t be able to see or smell anything. But it’ll surprise you when you open the door!

Remove the plate and soak it in warm water with a glass cleaner or cleaning solution. On a microfiber towel, spray and wipe inside the microwave with a natural cleaner or dishwashing solution. Give the door, buttons, and corners a good wiping. Let it air dry before putting everything back together and closing the lid.

The summer is the time to clean your microwave. It will be ready for use more often in the winter months.

Heat pump filters

Check and clean the heat pump/air conditioner filters at least every few months. The beginning of summer would be a good time to do this. Heat pumps are put to the test during the winter months and then switched over to air conditioning mode in the summer. It’s important to clean them between these periods. This will prevent malfunctions and buildup of mold and dust in the unit.

Your clothes dryer was probably also used a lot during the winter. The summer or warm weather are good times to wash the filters and vents thoroughly and make sure that they are clean again. It will keep the dryer running well and reduce the risk of fires and overheating.

Drains and bins

In the summer heat, kitchen sinks and garbage areas can smell bad at any time, but the smell (and flies!) can be overwhelming. It can get overwhelming. It’s important to empty your recycling and rubbish bins and wash them before the summer heat arrives. It’s important to empty and clean the bins completely before summer arrives.

You may also find old food scraps in your kitchen sink drain, especially if it has a built-in food waste disposal system. Pour boiling water into the drain after removing the cover. You can use special drain cleaners or a half-cup mixture of white vinegar and baking soda.

After letting the mixture do its magic for ten minutes, you can flush it out with more boiling water. Lemon wedges can be thrown through food waste disposal to eliminate odors.

Commercial cleaning in the summer

Summer cleaning tips can be used for most home cleaning. Crewcare is able to help you with any commercial cleaning requirements, such as a regular cleaning schedule for windows or stainless steel kitchen counters in commercial offices. We can also help with larger tasks such as floor cleaning or carpet cleaning. Call us or check out our website to learn more.

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