Teach your children to keep their rooms tidy

I am often frustrated with my children because they don’t keep their rooms clean. After reprimanding my kids, I wonder if perhaps it was partly my fault that I didn’t facilitate the maintenance of a clean room. This could have been done by providing clearer instructions or simply allocating clearly defined spaces for their belongings. I always feel bad after these episodes because they make me angry!

With time, I’ve found it easier to get children to follow clear rules. Here are some guidelines that I believe all parents can use to help their kids develop a basic sense of cleanliness and order in their bedrooms.

Create a Routine

Routines are easy to follow. Why not encourage your kids to store their things in clearly marked boxes as a habit? Recently, I bought two large plastic containers that fit into my child’s toy cabinet to store smaller toys. Label shoe boxes, buckets, tubs, and other containers to tell your kids where they should put their toys. It will make it easier for them to find the toys they need without having to turn the whole room upside down! Decorate these containers however they like.

Every day, set aside some time to help your children clean their rooms. It could be just before they go to their evening classes or before bedtime. Make it a game and give them star stickers as a reward. My kids enjoyed cleaning when I taught them to sing the Clean-Up Song.

As soon as your child comes home from school, make sure they wash their hands and put away their shoes, schoolbag, and socks. My kids are finally accustomed to the routine after doing this for two years.

Sort, sort, and then sort some more!

Each month, have your child go through their toys and games to determine which ones they no longer use or which ones need repair. Explain the virtues and benefits of charity to them.

Give away one toy when you purchase a new one. Donate or give away a toy in place of a new one that you have bought. This will keep your shelves and cupboards from becoming cluttered. The puzzles with missing pieces should be put away!

Facilitate order

Make sure that your child’s bedroom has enough pegs and hooks to hang clothes, hand towels, and raincoats.

Maintain different drawers for items like stationery, medicines, cosmetics, etc.

Install enough shelves to allow your children to store their toys, games, and crafts. This will free up valuable floor space, and clean floors will make the room appear tidier.

Keep Calm

It can be very stressful. As a mother, you may realize that your life is only perfect because it lacks perfection. Learn to let go and breathe deeply. Even if your room is spotless, it will not stay that way for more than a few moments. Take a deep breath and stop worrying about the little things.

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