Stop Wasting Time Cleaning With These 5 Tips!

Most of you are aware that I have written a book on cleaning. What you may not know is that I’ve written enough material to make a volume… filled with every excuse I can think of for that I can think of to justify why I shouldn’t wash something! True, I’m the queen of inventing reasons not to clean. I’m not a fan of cleaning; however, when it does have to happen, I love to find ways to reduce my time spent cleaning. This is why I will give you five tips for cleaning to help you reduce your time spent cleaning so you can focus on things you genuinely enjoy.

Clean Things the Right Way

When a stain, splash, or spill occurs, please clean it up immediately. It’s possible that you don’t wish to wash the mess right now; however, consider it this way: an ounce of suffering for many benefits if you let the stain, dirt,  or whatever sit, it will take much longer to clean. That’s why they tell that you should treat stains immediately. If Samsung is allowed to develop the form of hardening or, when it’s stained, it will set, making it more challenging to wash. If there is a mess to clean up, you should quickly take the time to clean it.

Cut Corners

This is among my top tips because I enjoy showing you how to save time by cutting out unnecessary steps (without hurting the outcome). We have tons of articles and videos on cleaning tips and tricks showing the best way to complete the task in a shorter time and with less effort. For instance, cleaning your microwave can be easier when you employ our simple microwave caning tip or clean your blender. It’s a breeze with this technique! If you’re struggling to clean something, research this site or the Clean My Space YouTube channel I’m sure you’ll discover a way to get rid of that item more quickly.

Do Less Laundry!

Here’s a method to let your stress go… in a literal sense! I’m not saying that you should leave your home in clothes that cause people’s eyes to be swollen. I’m saying that not everything you wear needs saying as you may believe! We follow a rule in the CMS Headquarters: the closer an item lies to you, the more often it should be cleaned. For example, T-shirts, undergarments, and similar items can be washed after each use. However, jeans, sweaters, and so on. They can be washed less often. There’s an ongoing debate on the internet another’s. In the end, some people never washed their clothes! I had a friend at university who adhered to this mandate, and we used to make fun of him by saying, “Jeans are going to walk out the door!”. We pushed him to wash his pants. I’d like to know, in the comments, how often are you washing your jeans? And what is your overall opinion about the issue of jean washing?

Clean For 10 Minutes!

Take 10 minutes each day to tidy. This could be an MIA (Most Important Space), messy kitchen, or even a time spent vacuuming. Whatever the case, give yourself a little time every day. Set an alarm, listen to a 10-minute podcast, or play two tracks. Get it done! This is vital because, as I always say, “a mess begets a mess.” If you’re living in a space that is messy, it’s much easier to ignore this messy space. But, if your place is tidy, you’re more likely to keep the same way. Allowing yourself 10 minutes each day it to maintain it is a great way to reduce how much time you have to devote to cleaning during your regular cleaning time.

Use Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are awe-inspiring to wash with. They’re made of this incredible technology. The fibers are divided one hundred thousand times. This means they’re so tiny they can pick up dirt, bacteria, dust, and debris. They don’t leave behind moisture and they don’t leave any lint on the floor. The best part is Microfiber cloths can be used up to 500 times! Consider all the money spent on single-use paper towels. Microfiber is a great way to reduce cleaning time and can save you mmoney when purchasing-quality microfiber cleaning cloths. Our productivity has been booming since our employees began cleaning using microfiber cloths at my cleaning business in 2006! In other words, why are you putting off sitting on it if you haven’t used microfiber?

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