Should You Join a Franchise or Go Independent?

You want to open a commercial cleaning company in New Zealand. You’re doing a great job! Local businesses are increasingly realising that internal cleaning staff is becoming more and more difficult to manage. These businesses seek external solutions and give these cleaning tasks to commercial cleaners instead. Cleaning is a big business in New Zealand, with 1 billion dollars per year and growing.

You want to start a cleaning company but are also wondering if you should go with a franchise or open your own business. We understand that you want to run your business the way you see fit, but there are many advantages to joining a franchisor – particularly when you’re just starting. This guide will highlight the various aspects of a business that you should consider and why a franchise could be more beneficial for your goals.

A business model that works

A successful business model or system is probably one of the most crucial parts of a business. Crewcare has operated for more than 15 years.

Crewcare has created a successful business system that promotes high standards of service and smooth operation of the franchisee at regional and national levels. Good business systems can make the difference between an enterprise that succeeds and one that fails.


Only a cleaner who has been trained will be able to use a vacuum effectively and efficiently. You will receive full training if you choose to join a Crewcare franchise. You would have to research and test what works if you decided to do it yourself.


To some, branding may be just a logo, brand colors, or uniform, but to a franchise like Crewcare, it is more than that. It’s a whole culture. It is about how people see the company. Crewcare’s branding has made it more likely that the client will trust the brand before even starting a conversation. You will appear more reliable, professional, and stylish with neat branding. It is most likely that your branding will be how clients remember you and recommend you to others. You become part of an established brand with a rich history and a reputation envied by all your competitors when you purchase a Crewcare Franchise.


It can be not easy to learn how to market yourself if you’ve never done it before. If you want to be successful in business, you must have a good understanding of the latest digital marketing techniques and trends. You may need to invest in many things when you are starting – a website, basic optimization of your website so it ranks well on Google, social media, and more. This all takes time and energy, which you will not have much of when you run a commercial cleaning company.

Sales done for you

The lifeblood of any business is lead acquisition and sales. A franchise system such as Crewcare, however, means that you won’t have to worry about finding new clients. Professional sales and business teams handle all potential leads. You’ll be able to spend more time cleaning and watching the money come in.

Operation management handled

Who will deal with a problem if a client has one? You will have to deal with all issues and complaints if you own an independent commercial cleaning company. It can be a time-consuming task and makes the job of a business person more difficult. With a franchise, the operations are handled by someone else.

Crewcare has created operational guidelines and customer support systems to ensure your clients are happy with the service you provide. Crewcare will provide all the advice and support you need. The team conducts regular quality checks and customer satisfaction surveys to make sure that any problems are resolved before they get worse.

Increasing support

Think about this: If you are starting your own cleaning company, who would you go to for a question on business? What if you need help from a client? What if you don’t get paid by a client? You’ll be faced with a lot of challenges if you go it alone. With a franchise, you can rely on other business owners to provide you with support and advice.


You must be insured if you are considering offering any service. You may be held responsible if something goes wrong during your cleaning. These costs can be extreme, even if they are only for a broken table or window. If you are starting, you may not be able to afford this financial burden.

With a franchise, you will have access to policies that protect you in case of accident or emergency. You may not even think about it until a problem arises.

Equipment at a Discount

Good cleaning equipment, aside from time and effort, is essential to your cleaning business. You’ll want to start by finding the most affordable and best-quality supplier for all your equipment. Initial costs to purchase all equipment could be higher than you expect. A franchise will provide you with a starter kit that includes everything you need. All of these will be available at deeply discounted prices.

Commercial cleaning is a great industry to enter. New opportunities are constantly being created in New Zealand. You can read about the crewcare system if you still want to know more.

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