Restaurant cleaning: One vegetable can make your life easier

You know the importance of cleanliness in a restaurant, whether you work there or own one. In addition to complying with the labor, health, and safety laws and providing excellent customer service, it is important to keep things clean.

As such, it’s a good idea to┬áhire restaurant cleaning services┬áto ensure that the entire place is spotless and properly disinfected–especially the kitchen, where all the food and drink preparation happens.

It is also beneficial for workers and restaurant owners to be able to perform cleaning tasks themselves. It’s not cost-effective to hire professionals to clean up spills and wipe down counters.

Keep Grease off the Grills

Grills are one of the most important things for any restaurant worker or owner to know how to thoroughly clean. No matter what you prepare on the grill, it is one of the most grease- and grime-attracting surfaces in the kitchen.

There are several ways to keep the grease from grills. The most popular method is to use a brush with bristles that are made of tough materials such as nylon or brass. This method is not only a waste of toxic cleaning products but also causes the hairs to fall off the brush during cleaning accidentally. This can lead to injuries and infections.

You can use your pantry to find a cheaper and safer solution to clean your restaurant grills. It’s likely that you already have it in your pantry!

Onion Grill Cleaner and Burger Add-On in One:

You read it right! Use an onion to clean the grill in your restaurant and other cooking equipment that is greasy. This is because onions are acidic and watery by nature. These two properties combined can help break down oil, grime, and other residues.

It’s best to use an onion to clean your restaurant’s grates after heating the grill to loosen any grease or food particles stuck on the grates. Slice the onion in two and scrub the grates with it. You can use any size onion, but the larger ones will cover more surface area.

You can polish the grill after cleaning it with a soft, clean cloth. The grill can be left as-is to add a hint of onion flavor to the next dish you cook. Onions also have antimicrobial qualities that make your grills cleaner.

Note that you will get better results from this method if your cleaning intervals are not too long. You may even want to clean the grill every day before closing down the kitchen. You’ll be able to decrease the grill easier if you don’t let grime build up.

Onions can be used for other cleaning and maintenance purposes.

You can also use the onion to clean and maintain your home and restaurant. Here are a few examples:

Cleaning pots and pans

You can use onions to clean pots and pans in the same manner as they can be used to degrease grills. You can use an onion to clean your pots and pans. Cut it in half and wipe it inside the pot or the pan. Pour warm water into the onion to soak.

After a few moments, wash your pot or pan with regular dish soap. The result will be a squeaky, clean cooking tool that is free of bacteria. The same method can be used for spoons and spatulas.

Remove Mild Rust from Knives

You can use a pair of onions to clean your rusted kitchen knives and utility blades. After a few moments, remove the knives and wipe them with a clean towel.

The same method can be used to remove rust from other metal items, including scissors, tongs, and whisks. You can’t use knives to stab them into the onions, so you should just cut and scrub.

Drive Insects away

Are cockroaches and ants taking over your kitchen? Use a range of ingredients in the kitchen, such as onions, to make an eco-friendly and effective insect spray. Here’s how:

Prepare 3 to 5 onions, 2 to 3 garlic cloves (depending on their size), 2 to 2 1/2 tablespoons cayenne, and 1 litre water.

Puree the ingredients in a blender.

Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of soap flakes per 7 litres of water.

Add the pureed ingredients to the soap solution.

Use the spray bottle to repel insects.

How to Get Rid Of Unpleasant Smells

In a kitchen, you will usually find a variety of wonderful smells. Over time, odors can accumulate and become stale rather than pleasant. You can solve this problem by putting some onion slices into a bowl filled with warm water and leaving it in the room overnight to absorb the odors. Close the windows and doors!

It also works on a wide range of smells, such as burnt food or even fresh paint. Place multiple bowls filled with warm water and onions in different parts of the kitchen if it is large.

You can see that the onion is much more than a spice. It is also a great way to keep a restaurant kitchen clean and hygienic.

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