Office Areas You Didn’t Realize Need Professional Cleaning

A healthy and productive office is clean. A clean office sends a positive message to existing and potential clients.

It means you need to pay special attention to the cleanliness of your office. The floors may be gleaming, and the windows may be streak-free. But what about the areas that are out of sight?

You may not be aware of some items and areas in your office that require professional cleaning services. Many of these items and places are often forgotten at home. You may also want to check your cleaning routine at home to avoid dust, dirt, and grime building up, which can be dangerous and uncomfortable.

Computers and Keyboards

Computers are a common sight in almost every office. Computers are used for many different purposes every day, including graphic design and administrative tasks. What’s another common feature of office computers? They get very dirty!

Particularly, the spaces in between the keys can collect a lot of gunk due to sweat, skin oils, and food particles. Fingerprints can also smudge the screen, making it a dust magnet.

Dirty computers can also cause them to stop working properly. Ask your cleaners to clean the keyboards and screens as well.

Cleaning the CPU is another matter. This requires computer knowledge to avoid damaging the circuitry or other sensitive components. Different keyboards, such as mechanical keyboards, may require extra care.

The Areas Under and Behind Large Machinery and Furniture

Cleaning around furniture and large machines is easy, but what do you do behind them and underneath? It would be best if you cleaned these spaces regularly as they can accumulate dust quickly. Dust can cause allergies and even harbor pests or other harmful insects. Ask your cleaners to vacuum the hidden areas once a week if possible.

Cleaning the machinery and furniture is also important. The glass surfaces of copiers, for example, must be free from dust to ensure high-quality scanning. For furniture, the cleaners will either vacuum, wash, or shampoo it, depending on its material.

Kitchen Appliances

Some kitchen appliances require more attention than others. The microwave is a good example. The microwave is used every day to heat and reheat foods, so it is bound to get crusty.

Make sure you clean your microwave on a regular basis. Weekly is a good plan, depending on the number of people who use it daily. The inner walls of the microwave, the rotating tray as well as all knobs and buttons are the most important parts to clean.

The teakettle and coffee maker are also neglected kitchen appliances. The inside of the pots may accumulate limescale, which can affect the taste of coffee or tea.

It would be best if you had your cleaners wash the coffee kettle and tea kettle every day and deep clean individual parts once a month.

Ducts & Vents

You probably already know that you need to clean your ducts and air vents regularly in order to maintain a good quality of air. You may forget about them because they are out of sight.

Include this service as part of your cleaning contract. The schedule should be set for weekends or when there are no interruptions to work. You can stay at the office while the ducts get cleaned. However, it can be not quiet and interfere with people’s ability to concentrate.

Ceiling fans and light fixtures

It may surprise you how many people fail to clean their lighting fixtures. This is especially true for those with covers or shades. These can become so dusty over time that they no longer provide adequate illumination.

You should have them cleaned regularly by a professional if you own similar lighting fixtures. This is especially true if they are mounted at a height that makes it difficult to reach. Wiping gently the bulbs can help remove dust, as well as the shades and covers.

Ceiling fans are another fixture that is subject to the same fate. Ceiling fans are often overlooked because of their height. The fan can spin and spread dirt.

Ceiling fans should be cleaned at regular intervals, just like your lighting fixtures. This can be done with a vacuum cleaner that has an extendable hose.

Other areas and objects that need cleaning

You can find many other areas that require cleaning. Many more areas need cleaning.

High-touch areas such as light switches, telephones, doorknobs, and the like

Blinds or window shades

Baseboards and cornices

The underside of the office chair

Walls, particularly exterior ones

What’s the bottom line? You’re probably forgetting something to clean at home or the office. Make a list with your cleaner to ensure you don’t forget anything.

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