How to make the school toilet a less scary place

Most people can remember how horrendous school toilets could be. Although this may be a funny and distant memory for many, school toilets are breeding grounds for bacteria and harmful germs. They can become unsafe and unhealthy if not maintained properly.

School facilities must be kept clean for the sake of both students and staff. However, this can be overlooked. The school cleaner or janitorial service is available in all schools, but a thorough toilet cleaning at school is essential. Here are our top tips to keep the bathrooms in your school as clean and inviting as possible.

Teach students about hygiene.

It is important to remind or educate new school-age children about proper bathroom etiquette and hygiene. It could be part of the induction process or through regular campaigns and events promoting health and wellness. It is especially important to take this step during peak flu and cold season.

It can be overwhelming for some kids to start a new school. They may also feel a little out of the ordinary. So it is important to remind them about good habits and rules. Keep laminated signs or posters in the bathroom to remind children to wash their hands and keep everything clean.

Use hand dryers instead of paper towels.

Wet paper towels that are used will leave a mess on the floor and in the sinks. The paper towels can be a messy and unsightly mess, and they need to be replenished constantly. The children will be left without a healthy and efficient way to dry their hands if the towels run low and the cleaning staff does not notice. Hand dryers are easier to use and less messy, so children will be more likely to use them.

Keep your bathroom well-stocked

The bathrooms in schools are busy. The size of the school will determine how many people use the toilets in a day. The supplies should be monitored to ensure that toilet paper, paper towels, anti-bacterial soap, sanitizer, and air fresheners can all be easily accessed. If these items are not readily available, children may be discouraged from practicing good hygiene in the bathroom.

Check that they are suitable for their intended use

Unsafe and uncomfortable for children, a poorly designed bathroom can be unsanitary.

Toilets and cubicles should be sized according to the size and age of students. Students in high school or older need full-size cubicles. Bag hooks should be on the back of doors.

It’s really useful – they won’t drop their bags on the dirty floor if they visit the bathroom in between classes. Other needs, like sanitary waste disposal, should also be considered.

Privacy is a key feature in a school’s bathroom. They should be safe and secure for students. Even though it may be a bit more expensive, doors and cubicle walls that reach the ceiling or floor are increasingly needed. In the age of social media, cell phones, and school bullies, it is not uncommon for them to share pictures of children using the bathroom. The privacy of the cubicle prevents this behavior.


In line with the previous point, school bathrooms must be designed in a manner that allows for some supervision. It is important to find a balance here, as students will feel uncomfortable if teachers are patrolling the bathrooms. School toilets are often the scene of bullying, vandalism, and other inappropriate behaviors. To ensure that you are following best practices, it is important to consult your professional network.

Be Energy Efficient

It’s not essential, but is a nice extra. You can reduce the environmental impact by using energy-efficient light bulbs, hand dryers, and toilet paper made from bamboo or sugarcane. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach the next generation about how to be kind to our planet.

Please leave it to the professionals!

Crewcare provides professional cleaning services to schools, including early childhood education and tertiary centers. All of our cleaners are subjected to a thorough security screening. We know how important it is for schools to be safe and secure.

The benefits of keeping school bathrooms clean and hygienic for children include:

Reduction of the risk of germs and infection spreading

Kids are more likely to attend school when they have fewer absences due to illness

Comfort and security at higher levels

Encourage younger children to develop healthy bathroom habits

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