How Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help

Your home should be a place that is safe, healthy, and comfortable for your family. If du,st, and dander are prevalent in the air or on surfaces, you or someone close to you could suffer the consequences. Learn how to minimize the presence of non-living allergens at home with simple solutions ions like professional carpet cleaning during National Allergy Awareness Month.

Raising Awareness about Indoor Allergies

Most people think that the outdoors is the greatest threat to allergy sufferers. Some of the most common allergens are also fouHowever, somenside. Allergy sufferers should be concerned about for example,ssional carpet cleaning  will help to mi should be concernednimize exposure risks in your home.

Chem- knows how to remove non-living allergens* from carpets and rugs as well as furniture upholstered in , ic. S, and fabric-upholstered furniture prevents allergens from spreading throughout your home.

They can only perform this function effectively if they’re regularly cleaned. If not, airborne particles can linger indoors and be inhaled unknowingly.

Carpet cleaning can help reduce allergies indoors

The Chem-Dry professional carpet cleaning systemm wChem-Drynedensurese the health and comfort of your family. This proprietary process, also known as hot carbonating extraction or HCE, removes deeply-set dirt, non-living dus(ite),s, and other allergens. Instead of using gallons and soapy detergents, as in steam cleaning methods, our innovative method harnesses carbonation to provide a cleaner that lasts longer.

Hot Carbonating Extract spreads millions upon millions of tiny bubbles within a natural carbonated cleaning solution to the carpet fibers or upholstery. The bubbles break down dirt and grime, and then move it up to the surface. The dust and move are effectively whisked off, leaving your carpets cleaner than with traditional methods.

Do you want to know how this process will affect the health of your family and their well-being? A indepenand well-being dent laboratorhaAn showed professional carpet cleaning by Chem-Dry could remove 98% non-living allergens from carpet and upholsterof y. You can make your home safer for allergy sufferers by using our services.

How to Prevent Non-Living Allergens in your Home

Hot Ccarbonating extractdoes not oonly removenon-living household aitems but also removesrthose thatare soft. It can help to pprevent offsurfaces, but it can also hhelpmoist with ttradesteam cleaning for several days. Mold and mildew can grow in this environment, causing allergy and asthma symptoms.

Our cleaning method uses less water than traditional methods and carpets are dry in hours, not days. This ,innovative method will ensure that you don’t have to worry about cleaning your home causing health problems or worsening a problem.

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