Glass cleaning guides

It is a big job to clean glass, as it requires a lot of attention and care. Despite all the cleaning steps, glass windows and doors still don’t have the luster you expect. Why? It is because it is the surface that attracts the most stains, streaks, and lint.

Learn how to clean glass using tips!

How do you clean the glass?

#Glasscleaning requires some steps and instructions. If they are satisfied, the perfect shine can be seen.

Pay attention to the corners. This is where dust hides. The windows are most at risk, even though they have been cleaned hundreds of times. Yet the residues still adhere to them. Use cotton swabs to clean the corners of glass windows.

Newspaper can be used to clean the glasses. But the newspaper mustn’t be wet. It will take more time to clean if it gets wet.

– Use sponges: Human nature always wants to finish the job! When it comes to cleaning glass, it’s important to double-check for a recipe. If you do not use the right material, glass will leave streaks. It is better to use a Squeegee to get a clean surface.

Do not clean from the bottom up: Some people have this habit of cleaning their windows from the bottom to the top. This does not work. The surface will be left clean if you use gently clean it from top-to-bottom.

You can use an old T-shirt for cleaning purposes. It is much better to buy an old T-shirt than to purchase a new one. These T-shirts are great for cleaning windows as they don’t leave any residue.

Instead of buying cleaning products for your home, try using some eco-friendly natural cleaners such as:

1/2 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup alcohol, 2 cups water, and two drops of essential oil (Spray the solution and cleanse the glass)

Instead of going in for ordinary water, it is better to choose distilled water that has no impurities and dust stuck to it. This is a great way to clean.

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