Five easy ways to promote your cleaning business

It can feel like everyone is looking for a cleaner. You may wonder where all the potential customers went once you have started your own cleaning business. This scenario may sound familiar? Then it’s time to start thinking about how to market your cleaning company.

It’s easy to think you don’t have the time or energy to market your cleaning business. You probably have enough to do with running your business. Marketing your business is a great way to make money.

There are many opportunities available, and there are many local businesses and homes that would be willing to hire someone to clean their homes. It is important to know how to market your cleaning service and convert potential clients into paying customers.

Cleaning services marketing

There are many benefits to starting a cleaning company. There are many benefits to starting a cleaning business. For instance, there is no need to pay startup fees, you don’t have to rent office space and you don’t need to take any courses or obtain a residential cleaning license.

Despite this, you will still face certain challenges. The biggest challenge is retaining clients and acquiring new clients. Once you have built your business, the other is finding and keeping employees.

How to market a cleaning company

When it comes to how to market your cleaning business, there is no single answer. It may seem strange to you that you should bother researching why you should advertise.

Simple answer: even though your schedule may be full, you should still be open to new business opportunities and potential clients. Customers change and so you need to be ready for them. It’s the best way to help your business grow.

These are some quick and easy marketing strategies that will help you promote your cleaning business.

1) Distribute flyers

Many people are searching for cleaners. All they need to know is your name. Flyers can be very effective for this type of service. Flyers can be posted in your local supermarket, community centre or anywhere else that has a noticeboard.

You can print out something to hand out to people, or pay someone to deliver it door-to-door if you have the funds. Be sure to include information about your services, contact information, and company name. It is important to have both a professional email address and a phone number.

2) Social media is a great way to spread your brand’s message

Social media, such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, is a great way to reach people and promote small businesses . It can be used to keep current customers informed or as a way to attract new customers.

It’s important to keep your messages concise and relevant in order to be effective. Your cleaning business can be marketed by using before and after photos. Make sure you have a portfolio.

3) Refer a friend program

You are likely to get a lot of business through word-of-mouth. Refer-a-friend programs reward successful referrals and give customers incentive to refer you to their family and friends.

You could offer 20% off their next cleaning voucher or two hours of free time if they sign up three friends. Refer-a friend programs are especially powerful. Friend recommendations are the most trusted form of advertising amongst consumers. It’s a great tactic to get the word out about your company.

4) Use digital marketing

With its ability to target specific audiences in precise regions, digital marketing can be a great tool for cleaning business owners. Paid posts may be an option through services like Yelp or Google AdWords.

If you own a house cleaning company, you can use Facebook to target people in the areas you are interested in expanding. It might be worthwhile to consult a digital advertising specialist if you aren’t sure how to do it effectively.

Keep in mind that digital marketing requires a website for your business or at most one page for customers to view when they click on your ads. This can be done easily by you or a freelancer.

5) Stand out from the rest

Whatever marketing strategy you choose to use for your cleaning business, it is important that you highlight your unique selling point (USPs). These are the qualities that will set you apart from your competitors.

If you are focusing on eco-friendly cleaning using all-natural cleaners, this can be a huge differentiator. Make sure people know if you have positioned yourself as a low-cost service or premium. You should also promote your unique advantages.

If you have any form of general insurance, or even better, insurance to clean your office, it’s important that this information is clearly displayed on your website. Your clients will be happy to know that you are covered in the event of an unexpected. Jobber, a service management firm, stressed the importance of insurance in helping to build trust and set people at ease .


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