Communication between you and your cleaning company: How to improve it

There are many benefits to hiring a cleaning company for your workplace or business. This includes improved productivity and time savings as well as the safety and health of your employees.

You need to find a company with good communication skills if you want the best. When both parties have a clear understanding of their needs and goals, they can build a rewarding and lasting business relationship.

Here are some tips to help you improve communication with your preferred cleaning company or if you want to hire one.

Assign “Point Persons”

Good commercial cleaning companies have staff that are easy to communicate with. Remember that members of the cleaning team may not be familiar with the finer points of your contract. If you have serious concerns, the cleaning crew may not be able to answer your questions.

You can ask for the name of a person who will be your main contact in the business. This person, who is likely to be a supervisor or manager, will communicate with you about any major concerns. You can ask for significant changes to be made to the cleaning schedule or have questions about the contract.

You should have an equivalent person in your company. It would be best if you also decided on your preferred communication method. Phone calls are the best option for urgent matters. Email is better for non-urgent issues and follow-ups.

How to Find a Cleaning Service With a Ticketing System

A ticketing system allows you to keep track of any concerns that you may have easily. A ticketing system is a great way to simplify communication between parties, whether you are making a complaint, questioning something, or want to provide feedback.

A technology like this has the advantage of alerting everyone who should be informed. A manager will be notified once you have sent a report or ticket. The point person will label the ticket as soon as it is resolved. You will then be notified.

Some ticketing systems have integrated comment functions. As the problem is being resolved, the parties can exchange information easily. The ticketing system will ensure that all concerns are addressed. This software will also store all your tickets so you and the cleaning service can access them whenever needed.

Be Clear About Your Expectations

It’s a good idea to talk with a cleaning service before hiring them. Are you interested in a short-term or long-term contract? Are there any equipment or furnishings that require special care?

Itemize all that you expect and want. Do your best to be as detailed as possible. So you can avoid any surprises or disappointments. The cleaning company will also be able to personalize a cleaning schedule for you. Each cleaning job is unique, as no two clients have the same needs.

Make Checklists

A checklist will help you ensure that your cleaning company is aware of all the details. Commercial cleaners usually have a list of their services. You can compare cleaning companies side-by-side using your checklist.

You can manage your finances more effectively by using checklists. You may pay more or less per cleaning service, depending on what you need. If you want your carpets to be shampooed and vacuumed each week, you may have to pay extra if only basic cleaning is included in the service.

Be vigilant with documentation.

It’s not just about verbal exchanges with your cleaning company. Keep a record, especially of electronic exchanges. Email should be used to document important communications, such as a phone call or a chat message.

Once you have finalized all the details, ask for the business proposal and a copy of the contract. Digital copies are more space-saving and eco-friendly than printed versions. You should always have copies of any official documents that you exchange with your service provider.

You should also keep track of other types of communications, such as cancellations, incident reporting, and special requests. Both you and the cleaning service company that you work with will benefit from insisting on proper documentation. This prevents disputes and confusion, preventing issues from becoming worse.

Communication is a two-way street. Your chosen cleaning company should be able to reach you easily via phone, email, or text message.

Each transaction will be smoother if you have a healthy relationship with your cleaner. This will also help to create a mutually beneficial business partnership.

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