Commercial Cleaning Business Essentials

Are you planning to start or join a commercial cleaning company? It will require careful planning, budgeting, and an investment in cleaning solutions and products. If you own a cleaning franchise for commercial purposes, do you get asked, “What cleaning products should I use?”? If so, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Proper equipment and cleaning products are essential to the success of your new business. We’ve listed the most important cleaning products you should use, along with some other useful tips.

Essential cleaning products you will need

Cleaning solutions come in many forms, each with a specific purpose. You’ll need a variety of cleaning products to clean a commercial area thoroughly.

Glass Cleaner

You’ll need to use a good glass cleaner if you want streak-free and smudge-free windows, mirrors, or other glass surfaces. Look for cleaners that contain isopropyl Alcohol. Most glass cleaners contain isopropyl ethanol, which works by dissolving grease and oil.

Floor cleaner

The type of floor cleaner you use will depend on what kind of flooring you have. Some floor cleaners are better suited to wooden, linoleum, and concrete floors. Check the bottle to see which surfaces will be best cleaned.

Oven/Grill Cleaner

You may be cleaning a client’s kitchen, which has a stovetop or grill. These are hotspots for grime and grease. Heavy-duty cleaners that specialize in grime removal will be the best choice for cleaning these surfaces. Cleaners with a pH above 11 (which is alkaline) are best. They are the best at removing stubborn dirt and restoring surfaces to their original pristine condition.

Carpet spray

Some clients may spill wine or food on their carpet after a few drinks at the end of a Friday night. You hate it when this happens. You can remove the stains with a carpet spray. This is a powerful tool to keep in your cleaning arsenal.

Toilet/bathroom Spray

It would be best if you used a different cleaning agent for the bathroom and toilet. You wouldn’t wash your hair with dish soap or use shampoo to clean your dishes. So why would you do the same in the bathroom? You should look for a cleaner formulated to remove soap scum.

General Multipurpose

Multipurpose sprays are effective on most surfaces but not as specialized. You can also use it as a disinfectant spray. If you are unsure whether a surface really is clean, you can spray some multipurpose on it to be sure. Consider door knobs and handles. These places harbor hundreds of germs. Use your multipurpose spray to eliminate them.

How many different types of cleaners can you choose from?

Cleaning solutions are usually divided into three categories based on their composition, how they function, and the areas where they are most effective. The following cleaners are useful for your cleaning needs.


Solvent-based cleaning products have a chemical as the main component. They are used to clean wood, steel, and other surfaces. They can also be used as “general all-purpose cleaning agents.” It may seem more cost-effective to use a large number of multipurpose cleaners, but it depends on what you are cleaning and how.


As you might have guessed, water is the main ingredient in cleaners. The pH level of the environment will determine which water-based cleaning solution is best for that particular area. Acidic solutions are those with a pH between zero and seven. This will eliminate soap scum, mineral buildup, or any other type of accumulation. Alkaline solutions with a pH between seven and 14 are best for cleaning fats and oils.

Based on water-soluble solvent

This type of cleaning product is a combination of cleaners previously mentioned. The main ingredient of these cleaners is a chemical that can dissolve easily in water. These cleaners combine the best of both cleaners into a single solution.

Cleaning solutions: Safety precautions

We always advise our franchisees to wear thick gloves when cleaning because these solutions are aggressive. You should immediately flush your eyes with warm, clean water if you accidentally get the cleaning solution into them.

What’s up with environmentally friendly cleaning products?

All businesses today scrutinize environmentally friendly businesses. Commercial cleaning is no different. Crewcare has noticed this trend and promotes environmentally friendly, sustainable cleaning products. We encourage the use of microfibre rags as they require less cleaning product but are just as effective.

Cleaning environmentally friendly products can make you more attractive to clients. Some will even pay more for them if they find out the product is also green!

What are the benefits of a french?

You can get all these cleaning products at a discounted price with a franchise like Crewcare. A starter kit with all of the necessary cleaning equipment will be provided. We also offer training to all new franchisees on the best ways to use cleaning products and equipment. You can start earning money from the first day!

Crewcare can help you if you are still interested in starting a cleaning company but don’t know where to begin. Crewcare has been cleaning commercial buildings for more than a decade. We have the expertise to help you get started. We are always there for you when you need us.

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