Clean your desk for hygiene and ultimate workflow.

Cluttered desks are bad for your health as well as your productivity. Clutter prevents you from cleaning your desk. This allows bacteria, germs, and dust to grow, affecting your health. Clutter can also make you unorganized and cause you to miss deadlines or important meetings. Clean, well-organized desks will make you healthier and increase your productivity. Here are a few tips on how to clean and organize your desk in order to maintain good health and a smooth workflow.

Purge Your Desk

First, you need to clear the mess. Clear everything from the desk instead of trying to organize everything. Clear out all the drawers and filing cabinets. It will create a mess on the ground, but this is only temporary. For now, the goal is to clear your desk. Clear every piece of paper and item.

Clean Your Desk

You can now clean your desk without worrying about the mess that is on the floor. You are going to get rid of all the bacteria, dust, and germs.

Start by wiping the desk down with a dampened cloth. This will remove all dust. You can spray a disinfectant on the fabric if necessary, but it’s better to use water.

Spray a cleaner or disinfectant on the desk, then wipe it down. Be sure to use a cleaner you won’t have any problems breathing in.

Use a wood varnish to shine the desk.

Organize the Mess

Next, you will need to focus on the mess that is on the floor. The next step will probably take the longest. Sort all your paper and supplies according to the piles you will need supplies, important documents, and immediate paperwork. Trash should be disposed of or recycled. Important papers and urgent paperwork should be placed in separate piles that are separated from supplies.

All Things Must Be Placed in Specific Locations

You’ll need to decide where you want to store everything. This could be in a file cabinet drawer. You should keep immediate paperwork on a desk that is not too crowded. Try organizing it using folders or trays.

Minimalism is the new trend.

Place your office supplies into drawers, except for the items you use frequently. They should be kept on your desk so that you do not have to dig through drawers constantly.

Consider going minimalist. To achieve a neat, uncluttered appearance, store everything in drawers.

Organize your filing and organizational procedures

All your hard work is wasted if you let the clutter and papers pile up. To control the clutter, you need to implement new systems. Desk organizers are great for storing supplies and documents. Create a filing system that will allow you to quickly and easily find documents.

Use Trays or Inboxes

Incoming paperwork and documents are another aspect of your work area that should be managed before it becomes out of control. Inboxes and trays can be used to organize new documents, paperwork, and unopened files that you are still working on. Direct people to your inbox when new work arrives so that papers don’t accumulate on your desk.

Separate Workspaces

Separate your different work areas. You could, for example, set up your computer on one part of your desk. Only do computer work in that area. You can keep a section of your desk free for paperwork. You will feel less cluttered, overwhelmed, and tired.

Schedule Cleaning

Regularly clean your desk. You will begin to experience respiratory issues and illnesses if you continue to let dust accumulate. You can choose a day to clear your desk and clean it.

Straighten up at the end of the day.

It’s a good way to end the day by tidying up your desk. The morning will be happier as you won’t need to deal with a disorganized or messy desk.

A Professional Can Help You Keep Your Workspace Cleaned

You can maintain your newly found level of organization by using a commercial cleaning service. The cleaner will clean the desk if you keep it organized. Crewcare will clean your desk as well as the rest of the workplace to ensure that everyone’s workspace is free of bacteria, dust, and germs. Carenote allows you to monitor results in real-time, ask questions, and give feedback. Our system is designed to make the most of your dedicated staff while reducing the costs that come with inconsistency.

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