Best Practices & Tips for Moving to a new Office

It is a transformative and exciting step to move offices. Moving offices shows your company is ready to grow and change, regardless of its size. You must first plan your move, and then take the actual move.

There are some differences between moving an office into a new space and moving an existing office. You may already have furniture and equipment. You’ll have to adjust everything to fit in the new area unless you are throwing it away or donating all of it.

Check out these tips to make moving offices easier.

Plan early and carefully

The most important thing to do when moving offices is to plan the move. Plan the move as soon as you have found the new location. This stage involves many aspects and should be given three months. You must first plan the layout for the entire space. Will you have a large warehouse office, or multiple floors? It is also important to consider details such as the location and number of electrical outlets, storage areas, and windows. You may need to hire carpenters or electricians in order to maximize the space.

Scheduling is also part of planning. When should you have everything prepared? When is the moving date? You won’t be in a position to meet client needs, make appointments, etc. if you schedule it during a working day. Be sure to coordinate with all parties involved. It’s important to decide if you want to do the move in stages or all at once. Last but not least, you should have a budget.

Find a Moving AND Cleaning Company

Finding a cleaning crew is also an important part of planning. Check the services offered by a moving company. Full service moving companies will take care of everything. Full service movers will safely pack and wrap your furniture and equipment, then unpack and unwrap them at delivery. Full service movers are more expensive. Check their experience and work quality, especially when it comes to sensitive equipment like computer servers.

You should also hire a cleaning service that is reputable. Do you want dust and dirt to be fluttering about your new office when you move in? Cleaning crews can ensure the office is clean and tidy. They will also dispose of any rubbish or recycling in a proper manner. Check if your cleaning company offers deep-cleaning services in times of health emergencies and pandemics to ensure that the safety of the personnel.

Organise and Label All Your Items

You still need to pack, even if you hire a moving company that offers full-service. Make sure everything is properly labelled and inventoried. This will make the process of moving in much easier. Sort your equipment and supplies into groups or categories, then pack everything accordingly. Once you’ve moved in, it will be easy to find and arrange everything. Give your employees enough time to organize their desks. Give each employee a box, some tape and ask them to label everything. Give them a schedule so that they don’t have to rush to organize their stuff. While most people won’t require more than two hours to pack their bags, it is best to give yourself enough time to avoid any last-minute panic.

Assign Moving Team Coordinators or Teams

Consider appointing an office moving team to ensure a smooth transition. The moving team or coordinator will ensure that everything and everyone is prepared for the big move. The moving team will also be the contact person for any questions about the schedule or other details. It’s a great idea to designate a coordinator or coordinators for each department in larger offices.

Inform ALL Stakeholders

A change of address is a must when moving offices. Inform everyone who needs to know, such as clients, partners, and unions. This should be done in advance and again after you have settled into your new office. You can also order business cards, office stationary and other items with your new address in advance. You can then get started immediately after moving.

It is a tedious task to move offices. If you put in the work, everyone will be able to transition smoothly from the old place to the new. You’ll find it easy to keep things organized if you follow these tips.

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