10 Cleaning Hacks That’ll Prepare You For Hosting Guests This Holiday Season

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With the advent of the holiday season fast approaching and the holiday season fast approaching, many are contemplating ways to decorate their homes to create a welcoming environment as possible for hosting guests and family. Many prefer to focus on what scent candles and sparkling lights I’ll set out, what my dinner menu looks like, and the overall ambiance for my gathering rather than creating an elaborate cleaning schedule. When hosting, cleaning up is essential to keep an evening that runs smoothly regardless of the number of guests visiting your home.

I approached various experts, ranging from cleaning professionals to interior designers, and asked them for tricks and tips for cleaning before or after hosting so your guests can have fun and your home will feel cozy.

Make sure your home is clean

No matter the scale of your celebration, Beatrice Flores, a professional organizer and expert in the field of cleaning from Living Pristine, believes it is essential to take the time to cleanse every home thoroughly. It includes dusting, decluttering, mopping, vacuuming, removing hair from pets, and cleaning bathrooms, ms, and kitchens. “Go through each room and ask yourself if your home looks and feels more inviting and welcoming,” Flores says. Flores.

Suppose you’re in an urgent situation or don’t enjoy deep cleaning. In that case, Chris Alexakis, interior designer and the co-founder of CabinetSelect, believes it’s acceptable only to clean the areas where guests interact or, when budget allows, employ an expert. “Consider hiring a professional cleaning service if you have particularly high-traffic areas or surfaces that are prone to getting dirty easily, such as carpets or upholstered furniture,” Alexakis says.

Rearrange your furniture and décor

It is essential to understand the art behind Feng Shui must not be neglected in hosting the holidays. Alexakis suggests changing the arrangement of furniture as well as rugs and décor to create a relaxing atmosphere and ensure that guests feel welcome and at ease. “Rearrange your living room or hallway to make the space appear more open,” Alexakis says.

“Use decorative furniture, rugs, and even candles to help define specific areas of the room and create a cozy, intimate atmosphere,” says Alexakis.

Prepare as many times as you can

Hosting a party during the holiday season typically means you’ll cook plenty of food and add more decorations than you would normally. To make your party as easy as possible, Leanne Stapf, COO of The Cleaning Authority, highly recommends preparing as much as possible from your refrigerator to the tablescape.

“Clean your refrigerator about a week before the big event, making use of your leftovers during the week to prevent them from being wasted. A few days before you go to the store, get rid of anything that isn’t being utilized,” she says. “Do as much food prep ahead of time; side dishes that need to be baked can often be prepared and refrigerated the day before and popped in the oven the morning of.”

Stapf also suggests setting your table the day before to make it the most minor thing you’ll have to worry about the day before. Also, ensureour dishes are spotless, and the dishwasher is empty.

Be sure to keep guests out of specific rooms and other items

The more guests you entertain and host, the higher the chance of having certain items around your home damaged or touched. If you want to stay clear of this, Dorian Alves, cleaning expert and president of Silent Maids, recommends preparing your home to accommodate nosy or awkward guests.

“It always helps to put away items you don’t want to be touched or accidentally broken,” the expert advises. “Always keep the doors closed for rooms you don’t want your guests peering into, especially your bedroom, as you can use this area for temporary storage while your guests are in your home.”

Check to see if certain items are available

Whatever number of guests are expected, items such as towels, napkins, and drinks will be gone in a flash. Be sure to have some extra supplies of items that sell quickly and, if possible, have a storage area beneath the surface. “If you line your trash cans with extra bags ahead of time, you won’t have to add a new one every time it fills up, saving you some time!” Stapf says. Stapf.

Clean surfaces

Hosting events such as dinner parties requires cleaning the counters in your kitchen, islands, and tables clean and neat. Make sure to wipe off surfaces and throw items away as soon as they are finished, according to Alexakis. This will allow you to take care of this less when guests have left. However, he suggests that you be aware of your cleanliness but not let it take over your guests’ comfort or the time you spend with them.

“It’s important to be mindful of how you are interacting with your guests while they are there,” Alexakis says. Alexakis. “This can include being conscious of your cleanliness and tidiness and engaging with guests in a warm and welcoming way.”

Offer guests the things they require

If you’re hosting guests staying for the night, Flores suggests providing them with toiletries and landlines for everything they require. “Remember, the more the merrier!” she advises.

Be aware of the comfort of your guests

When hosting, you should spendss on theaning andthansuring that you and your guests have a blast. Alexakis suggests that guests feel at ease in your home. “Little things like greeting everyone at the door, offering them refreshments or snacks, and engaging in small talk throughout the event will help make your night successful,” Alexakis says.

Take time for a quick cleanup

When your guests have left, There are a few important things to clean immediately after departure. According to Flores, cleaning your table of dishes is the first item to do. The next step is Stapf recommends washing dishes, regardless of whether you’re passing by hand or using the dishwasher. Take the dirty dishes, wash dishes and plates containing flatware and glassware to be used the following day in case you’re unable to. Also, be sure to clean your bathroom by utilizing either disinfectant spray or wipes.

Furthermore, Stapf also recommends running the garbage disposal, cleaning it of any leftover food particles that may be a magnet for pests, and cleaning tables and counters to eliminate any food debris and spills. Suppose your floors are incredibly messy after hosting guests. In that case, Flores recommends sweeping or vacuuming those areas where guests have assembled (if you happen to own a robotic vacuum and a robot vacuum, this job is easy! ).

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