Ten Workplace Features Employees Most Wanted

It’s in your interest as a businessman only to hire the best. Your competitors are also looking for these same people. How can you get top talent to join and stay with your team? Some organizations have tried to solve this problem by providing office luxuries.

You don’t have to limit yourself to office luxuries. When employees are job-hunting or asking for their employer’s help, they want amenities. What are these amenities, exactly? Here is a list of some of the most popular amenities

The perfect desk and chair

At least 40 hours per week are spent at work. Around 30 to 40 hours of that time are spent at their desk. These employees are logically looking for the best desk. It’s important to find a desk that is both comfortable and spacious. Over the years, sit-stand desks have become popular and are a great choice for accommodating multiple preferences. These desks also help to improve posture and promote better health. Encourage the personalization and customization of your desk space to foster creativity.

A great desk is only complete with a fantastic chair. The ergonomics of the chair should be taken into consideration, as poorly designed chairs can lead to poor posture or other health issues. Consider a good chair as an investment in a happier, healthier workforce.

Refreshment facilities

An office survey found that 85% want refreshment options in the workplace. Your team will be grateful that you provide them with easy access to drinks, whether it is coffee, tea, or fruit juices. Combine these drinks with a cool bar in the office, and you’ve got a winning combination. You could even put some beer bottles in a cold bin to welcome the weekend or celebrate a milestone in business. It is important to provide your employees with refreshment options in the office.

Food options are easy to find

The average person will get hungry during the working day. People tend to choose workplaces with easy access to different dining options. It is for this reason that commercial and office space with nearby restaurants almost never loses tenants. Consider a small cafeteria if your office is not in the best location. It’s also a great idea to work with food delivery services in order to make eating more accessible.

Natural light

It is possible that more employees now request natural light in their offices due to a greater awareness of workplace health. Exposure to natural light is not only important for good health but also improves productivity and efficiency. A space that is bathed in natural light feels happier and more welcoming. Skylights are a great option if your office does not have many windows.

Quiet meeting spaces

Open office layouts have become popular in New Zealand and around the world. This popular layout also led to a lack of quiet and private meeting rooms. Many employees want or need small rooms for one-on-one interviews or meetings or to take phone calls.

Multipurpose spaces and breakout areas

Breakout spaces are another feature that employees want in addition to meeting rooms. They could range from a simple room to take cat naps up to a rooftop terrace. Try to incorporate your employees’ interests into these spaces. Consider incorporating multipurpose areas into the workplace. You could, for example, use a lounge or office bar as a collaborative workspace.

Printing and scanning devices

Business owners are expected to provide their businesses with equipment for printing, scanning, and copying. Don’t provide these services to satisfy the demand. Ensure that all printers, scanners, and copiers are current. Inefficient equipment can cause frustration and impede efficiency. Consider investing in printers with WiFi connectivity if you have a large office. This will make the workflow easier.

Climate Control

It’s a bit tricky because the ideal temperature is subjective. Some people are hot, while others get cold quickly. It is best to avoid confining your employees to their desks or cubicles. Allow them to work in the areas they feel most comfortable.

Top-notch restroom facilities

The bathroom should not be stressful. You may not be in a position to offer complete privacy, but you can at least provide the best experience. Add amenities such as feminine hygiene products, hand lotions, and mouthwash. A sufficient supply of toilet paper is essential. There are many eco-friendly products for the bathroom if you are concerned about your carbon footprint.

Clean office

It may surprise you to learn that the most desired office amenity is not one in the strictest definition of “amenity.” Instead, it’s cleanliness. Employees are expected to clean up after themselves. When someone eats in their office, they are aware that they need to throw away the disposable food containers and napkins. Do you have a team that takes care of the mess left at the end of each day? A clean office will make you and your employees happy. Your bottom line will benefit from your employees spending less time cleaning up and removing clutter.

The British businessman Sir Richard Branson has been quoted saying, “Clients don’t come first.” The employees come first. It is true that if you look after your employees, they will look after your clients. If you make your employees feel appreciated, they will want to come to work and may even enjoy it. They are more productive and engaged and deliver better results for your business.

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