Keep These in Mind When You Hire a School Cleaner

A clean, comfortable school environment is essential for the children’s learning. Kids are the best at making messes in the classroom.

It’s not as easy as it sounds to organize a cleaner for your school. You will be faced with a number of decisions when you’re looking for a new cleaner. It can feel overwhelming. Here is a list of what to look for in a cleaning service.


Safety is paramount for your students as well as your property. Professional cleaning companies should be able to inform you of their security screening procedure. Cleaning services may be present during the day while the children are in school or at night after your staff has gone home. You can have peace of mind by hiring a cleaning company that thoroughly vets its employees. It also ensures the safety of your students and premises.


There will be many occasions when cleaning staff are left to do their job unsupervised. To ensure that the work is done correctly, you want to hire a company that offers full training to its staff. Also, you could ask about the quality assurance process. Many commercial cleaners conduct regular site inspections in order to ensure that their employees are performing the job correctly.


You probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on cleaners because funding for schools can be difficult. Cleaning companies’ prices can vary widely, so compare a few to find the lowest price. Many places offer free quotes. Feel free to contact several companies before making a final decision.

The quote should also include a visit to the site to assess what work needs to be performed. This will ensure that you only pay for the services you require and not for any extras.


The best value for money is what you want! You may find that the cheapest quote includes fewer services. Be sure to check your quotes for details on what services are included. Your cleaners will not only vacuum floors and wipe down tables. They can also load and unload dishwashers, wash windows, and do other tasks. Check who will supply consumables like toilet paper, cleaning equipment, and paper towels.

Reviews and Reputation

Finding a new service is best done by word of mouth. You can trust a brand more if you have heard of them from friends or read online testimonials. Google often includes reviews and ratings of businesses when they search for them. Facebook is another great place to see what people are saying. If you are unable to find any information online, ask for references.

Professional Customer Service

In any business, good customer service is crucial. You will need to select a commercial cleaning company that has a friendly and approachable customer service team. You may need to raise an issue, file a complaint, or discuss a bill. It would be best if you felt confident about your ability to discuss these issues.

Answer the phone or return your message when you call them. Are they responsive to emails in a reasonable amount of time? You don’t need to sign a contract with a business that you can’t reach!

Green cleaning

A cleaning company’s commitment to sustainability is very important. Cleaning traditionally uses a lot of water and chemicals. Choose a cleaning company that is environmentally aware. Ask about their cleaning products, environmental policies, and whether they offer recycling programs.

Try Crewcare

Crewcare provides professional school cleaning across Aotearoa, New Zealand. We provide school cleaning services for primary, secondary, and tertiary schools.

We will do an excellent job. Our staff is fully trained, and we follow strict security protocols. Carenote is the online tracking system that we use to manage faults, requests, and feedback.

We don’t believe that an excellent cleaning service has to be at the expense of the environment. We are committed to sustainability as part of our Environmental Policy. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and a microfibre system to reduce the amount of water used.

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