How to Organise Your Office for Style and Workflow

Keep your office organized to stay productive. It can be hard to determine the best layout if you are not an interior designer. Many companies use Office feng shui to make their office more attractive, efficient, and organized. This improves the working environment, which makes employees happier. It also makes cleaning simpler. Here are a few tips on how to manage your office for ultimate style and efficiency.


To start organizing your office, you must first eliminate the clutter. Everyone will have to clear and clean their desks. Sort every piece of paper and item into three piles: trash, Keeper, and ongoing. Next, get rid of all garbage and store important documents in the keeper stack. Organize ongoing work. It makes cleaning easier because when the papers are piled up, they can fall onto the floor or be thrown out by mistake.

Create an ‘I Catch It Space

It is a place to store items that you want to keep. This could be near your desk or office door. This space should have a tray to hold important documents, a box or shelf for jackets and umbrellas, and a trash can for garbage. This space should be near each employee’s desk so these items stay out of their way. This will also help to reduce the chances of them being thrown away accidentally during office cleaning. This space should be largely out of the cleaning crew’s way.

Declutter Every Desk

After you have cleaned up the mess and put important items into your catch-it area, you will need to prevent future messes. Placing trays for paperwork on the desks of each employee is a good idea. You should have at least two trays, one for newly opened documents and the other for previously read work. These two trays are the most essential. You can add more if you want, but they’re the most important. Avoid overusing trays, or your desk will become cluttered with trays instead of paper. Encourage all employees to use this system. Keeping all documents organized out of the way will reduce the chances of them being accidentally thrown out during cleaning.

Practice Strong Feng Shui Backing

Feng shui back refers to having supportive energies behind you as you work. This can be achieved by putting a wall behind you of plants or just positioning your chair. Face the window, door, or traffic in your office with walls behind you.

Add Plants

The addition of plants to your office will brighten it up. They bring life to the office and make everyone feel happy. The air is also cleaned, reducing indoor pollution and improving everyone’s health. Cleaning will be easier if you improve the air quality in the office. This is because it reduces dust, mold, and other things that can either threaten your health or cause cleaning to be more difficult.

Create zones for different types of work.

You may feel overcrowded and cluttered when you are doing paperwork on your computer. You can also be distracted by the notifications that appear on your computer screen. Encourage all employees to create their work zones. It could be as simple as a separate area on their desks, free of computer equipment, where they can do paperwork. You can focus on the task at hand.

Store supplies together and out of sight

Each office requires certain supplies. You may find that your employees have a lot of staplers, paper clips, pens, and hole punches. Even though it may be easier to keep them in an accessible place, they shouldn’t clutter up desks. If you hold a lot of things on top of your desk, they are more likely to fall and end up in the trash when cleaning. Use a drawer for these items to keep them together so they don’t get misplaced and aren’t in your way.

Organize Your Office to Promote Productive, Healthy, and Happy Employees

Everyone in the office will be happier and more productive when it is clean and organized. You can achieve this with office feng shui. It is important to keep your office clean and attractive. This will make it more appealing to employees and attract new ones. Cleaner offices are also healthier, which means fewer employees call in sick. An organized office is easier to clean and less likely to throw away important documents or items. If you follow the tips above, your office will be more productive, healthier, and happier. Call Crewcare Commercial Cleaning to schedule your cleaning services today.

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