How often should your office be cleaned?

A healthy workplace is maintained by regular office cleaning. This keeps the office clean and pleasant for visitors and staff while reducing the spread of illness. It’s hard to keep up with the mess in a restaurant, an office or other workplace. How often should you clean, and would you benefit from hiring a professional cleaning company?

A few factors should determine your office cleaning frequency:


You should also consider the number of people that come and go from your business every day. This includes visitors, clients, and anyone else who may be in and out. You could clean your small business once a week if you only have a few employees. Even if your company only has a few employees, you should clean the bathrooms and kitchens at the end of each day.

Two or three cleanings per week are needed for a medium-sized office of 20 staff or less. Businesses with many employees will have to clean their offices every day.

Types of Business

For health and safety, a restaurant or school must be cleaned every day. However, a small office that only has a few employees can be cleaned less frequently. An industrial business with fewer employees or visitors might not require daily cleaning of the workplaces. However, public areas like reception areas and bathrooms must be kept clean.

Budget or Resourcing

You can use your cleaning staff as much as you want if you have the budget to do so. If you have the resources to hire janitorial staff or custodial workers, they can be scheduled on a regular basis and cover all cleaning tasks. You could also hire professional cleaners whenever your budget permits.

You can hire commercial cleaners or use your staff to clean the main areas of your office. This includes all staff and customer areas. Here are some more details:

* Bathrooms

To prevent the spread and maintain a pleasant bathroom, bathrooms should be cleaned daily. Crewcare, an expert cleaning service, will clean the toilets and sinks. They will also sanitize door handles and surfaces, replenish toilet paper and paper towels, and remove any rubbish. The floors will be mopped and swept.

* Lobby or reception

This area must be kept clean and tidy. Every few days, it will require a vacuum and dusting. Any rubbish should be removed. It can be as simple as making sure that magazines and books are arranged correctly.

* Kitchens, break rooms and re-fueling areas

To prevent the spread and accumulation of germs, all food preparation areas must be cleaned thoroughly. Benchtops and sinks can harbor harmful bacteria that are spread by food. Microwaves and cupboard handles, as well as taps and microwaves. To prevent illness from spreading amongst staff, these areas should be cleaned at the end of each day. To keep up with any spills or messes, an office with more employees might need to hire cleaners to clean the area several times a day.

* Floors

Carpets collect a lot of dust, food crumbs, and debris, particularly in areas with high traffic, such as public spaces, staff rooms, and entranceways. They can become particularly messy in the muddy and wet winter months. Vacuuming carpets is recommended daily in busy offices and once every few days for offices with less traffic.

To keep your hardwood or linoleum floors clean, you should sweep and mop them. If spills are not cleaned up, they can lead to slips and accidents.


Regular cleaning of windows is not necessary every week. It will keep your building in good condition and prolong the life of windows and joinery. It is not required to clean windows during the rainy months of winter. In fact, this can be dangerous in bad weather. It is best to clean your windows at the start and end of summer, depending on whether or not you live in an area that is dusty or prone to pollen.

Crewcare is the best choice if you are looking for a professional and reliable cleaning service. All of our cleaners have been thoroughly vetted and are ready to offer a high-quality service for your business. All general cleaning services are available, including kitchens, bathrooms, and floor cleaning. Our services are eco-friendly and safe for both your staff and the planet. Window cleaning is also available, as well as one-off cleans.

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