Employee health and air quality

You probably know how bad unclean air makes you feel. People can feel tired and have headaches when breathing in dirty, dusty air. When we are exposed for long periods to impure air, the health effects can be more severe and lasting.

A study by The Lancet Commission revealed that poor air quality causes 6.5 million deaths each year. Poor air quality is responsible for 800,000 deaths.

Poor air quality is a problem in many workplaces, particularly those located in industrial areas. Employee performance can be affected by a decline in employee well-being. According to the Lancet Commission, the productivity of employees dropped by 41 cents an hour.


Air pollutants such as smoke, smog, and ozone are harmful to the human body. The air inside is only as good as that outside. In fact, the air inside can be worse. The United States Environmental Protection Agency found that the air inside can be 2 to 5 times worse than outside. It could be 100 times worse in high-pollution zones!


The workplace and communal areas can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Our workplaces, which are visited by many people every day, can be very unhealthy if not cleaned and maintained properly. Poor personal hygiene is a major cause of bacteria spread, such as not washing hands after using the toilet.

In office buildings, bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella are common. Researchers have found that illness can spread quickly in an office. According to, a virus can be spread by a doorknob up to 60% in just 4 hours.


Lack of cleaning can lead to the accumulation of common allergens such as dirt and dust. They can lead to symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, sneezing, and coughing. Paints, carpets, and building materials are all substances that can cause allergies or chemicals to workers. Poor ventilation and air circulation can lead to a buildup of allergens, chemicals, and other substances that can affect employee health.

Poor air quality has many negative consequences.

Poor air quality can cause respiratory and lung problems, headaches, lethargy, and skin rashes.

Sick Building Syndrome

It has a name, yes! Sick Building Syndrome describes acute health symptoms that may be related to spending time inside a building. However, no cause has been identified. BRI is used to describe illnesses that can be directly traced back to an allergen, contaminant, or building. SBS is believed to be caused by the following factors:

Inadequate ventilation

Indoor Chemical Contaminants

Outdoor contaminants – Chemical contaminants

Biological contaminants

Reduced productivity

A report by the National University of Singapore has also highlighted the negative impact of poor air quality on the performance of workers. The researchers found that changes in pollution levels from day to day did not affect productivity immediately, but prolonged exposure for about a week caused a significant reduction. Liu Haoming, Associate Professor at NUS, says that “the effects (of poor quality air) are subtle but very significant.”

Regular Cleaning

Keep your office free of dust and other allergens to improve the quality of indoor air. Cleaning, vacuuming, and disinfecting the office daily is essential, especially if it’s a busy or large one. Also, be sure to remove trash and recycle regularly.

Keep vents and air conditioners clean.

Ventilation systems are essential for maintaining a healthy indoor air environment. Regular cleaning and servicing will ensure that the vents are working properly and there is no buildup inside. Make sure no large furniture or objects are blocking the vents or air conditioners. This will reduce airflow.

Plants are a great way to get some fresh air.

They also produce oxygen, which is great for improving indoor air quality. Plants can also be used to absorb bad air and keep offices fresh.

Regular professional cleaning is a great way to improve the air in your office. Crewcare can help! We can provide thorough, reliable cleaning services for your office, school, or restaurant. Our commitment is to provide professional cleaning services while maintaining a responsible attitude towards the health and environment of our customers. Environmental Choice New Zealand has even accredited our cleaning products and services. Crewcare can help your business. Contact us today to learn more!

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