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I want to share the steps we had to go through in preparation for our move because it relates to clutter and all the other things I was unsure about keeping.

Chad and I moved into the midst of our new home in the fall of this year, and I can say without a doubt that moving was an enormous task for us. While we were going through this process of moving and after taking things down, it made us consider our series on decluttering 10 Things to Throw Away today! I want to share the steps we went through in preparation for our move in a way related to clutter and all the things I was unsure about retaining. When relocating, you must consider the things you’re packing and storing.

Kitchen Uniformity

Loading and I’ve discovered the value of the importance of uniformity in kitchens. Therefore, when I’m looking at items such as bowls, plates, glassware, and cutlery, I want all of it to come from the same set, not an unrelated mix. If you reside in one place for several years, there are glasses here, break one here, but you’ve got one left, and at the time you’re done, you’re left with a collection of items that aren’t matching. Therefore, I picked up bowls, glasses, and plates and gave the things. We walked over to Ikea and bought additional (inexpensive) glasses. I then stuck them to the dishes we owned to ensure everything was clean and even.


We went on a shopping excursion about a year and a half ago because we like candles that smell good!? What happened was that several smelled terrific at the time but not as great when we lit them in our home. Then, of course, that candle sits there, and you think, “Maybe one day I’ll use that candle!”. But the truth is that day is unlikely, and it’s time to get rid of it. But, if you own an unloved candle that you don’t like the scent of, but love your container, you could undoubtedly up-cycle it. Just put the candle into the freezer to chill for a couple of hours, and the wax will melt,,, shrink, and come out quickly. You’re now ready to reuse the container. We have 20 ways to recycle candle containers!

Sentimental Items

I also ensured I went through all my memorabilia, or my sentimental things, that you can call them. I was unable to sell lots of things. However, I was able to narrow down a handful. Once, I painted pottery with my mother just before her passing. I got two pieces from this trip. One was dull and unpleasant, and I got rid of it. However, I like the other one, so I plan to keep it in my mementos box. IUltimately I cut down on a few items due to being honest about myself. What do I think of this? Do I need this? I believed it was essential to have some things in my possession; however, even if the item has been removed, it does not mean that the memory is lost, too.

Storage Bins

After packing everything up and rearranging everything, we noticed several storage bins lying around, which triggered some emotions for me. I spend a significant period online on YouTube (being a YouTuber all). I’ll stumble into these videos where people purchase all the plastic storage bins to keep small DIY projects and other knick-knacks. These are things that help solve an issue that doesn’t exist. In reality, you, shouldn’t require vast quantities of storage bins. It’s time to purge! We’re not alone in this; however, we’re becoming more adept at doing it! Notably, we’re trying to become better at it. A major thing we decided upon when moving was that we would remove the majority from our bins for storage and simply be clear about the things that should and shouldn’t enter our home in the future.

Cables, Cables, Cables

I have a great love for Chad and am so grateful for his kindness; however, we have an assortment of wires in our basement, which makes me sick. This is a collection of cables that’s been accumulating over the years, and in most cases, I’m still not sure of their purpose! I usually don’t want to enforce laws in the home, but I’ve put the law in place regarding Chad and his collection of cables since it irritates me (in case you’ve not been aware of the fact that). Cables are a subject Chad is working on. It’s a process in progress; however, when it’s making progress, it’s on the right track.

All the Baby Stuff

Riley is nearly nine months old, allowing us plenty of time to accumulate baby items. We’ve been trying to be very strict with what we purchase and accept from our family and friends. But it’s hard! If I refer to being brutal, I’m saying it is that we’ve only requested items that we find beneficial, we would like and require and can be sustainable if they are. Some things have come through that we’ve not selected, and, of course, there’s a plethora of things Riley has developed from. We have the sorting through and, if possible, donated it to charity. Give back when it’s appropriate, and we’ve moved away from any remaining items that we won’t be using.

Pantry & Dry Goods

Moving a kitchen around is daunting. While pa. cking it away, you need to look at everything you put into a container and ask yourself, “Is there going to be a place for this in my new house?” It could not be more evident than with pantry items and my dry products (tea and spices, etc.). I tried to keep my things as minimal as I could. I cooked everything I could before moving to another location; then, I got rid of any tea or spices I had not used in quite a while. While packing, I got rid of a few other items I could not fit in.

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