Advertising Guide: Facebook Ads for Cleaning Business

Facebook ads can be an excellent way to get more customers for your cleaning company.

Most cleaning companies advertise on Facebook in an utterly useless way and only benefit the social media platform.

This article will cover the best Facebook advertising strategies to use for your cleaning company.

They can be implemented immediately to make a tidy profit and to open up your business to new customers.

Why you should use Facebook ads for your cleaning business

Quick results: In this article, you’ll learn how to create a Facebook advertisement in less than an hour. You can begin talking to potential customers the same day you launch your ad!

This is much more efficient than BNI meetings, BNI signs or door-knocking. It is important to do this when you are just starting your cleaning business and you don’t yet have any existing clients to refer to.

Facebook’s estimated 2,89 billion users. Facebook is the most popular platform for adults in America to engage with content. You can’t find a place to engage with so many people in the comfort of your home/office.

Targeted demographics: It’s obvious that you don’t want to advertise to the 2+ billion Facebook members. Facebook allows you to be very specific about who you want to target so that you get the most bang for your money.

Compared to billboards, you pay for each person who passes your ad, whether or not they own a house or live in the target market.

Takeaway: Facebook is the most effective advertising platform for expanding your cleaning business. You need to understand how to utilize it to achieve a positive return on investment for your cleaning company.

Don’t Boost Posts

Businesses make the first mistake when they try to run Facebook ads by using a boosted posting instead of Facebook Ads Manager.

You’re likely guilty of it if you have tried Facebook ads. (Don’t worry, we won’t judge you).

What’s the difference between them?

The easiest way to advertise cleaning services on Facebook is through boosted posts. This simplicity, however (and this is a BIG BUT), comes at a price as you do not get full access to the Facebook Ads dashboard.

Why is this important?

Your boosted post is shown to the same audience as a Facebook Ads Dashboard ad. You will have less control over WHO sees YOUR post, how it looks, and WHEN they see it.

Facebook Ads are all about creative control. It’s a pity that many business owners are unaware of the fact they could be just one step away from a bigger cleaning profit.

Facebook Business Manager

Set up your Facebook Business Manager first to get the most out of Facebook Ads. You can manage all your pages and your ad account and invite others to take care of them.

You’ll need to click on this link to set up your account.

Enter your personal and business details, then click Submit to create an account.

Watch this video instead of reading about how to set up your Business Manager.

The video should show you how to set up your page, as well as any new or existing accounts.

Create a Campaign

It’s now time to show you exactly how to earn money.

Then, it will ask you to select your campaign goal. We’ll explain later why you should choose ” messages” over the other options.

Click Next, then Name Your Campaign.

You can skip sections like A/B test, Campaign Budget Optimization, and Optimization & Deliver.

You’ll now set your budget and select your target audience. You can choose the language, age, location, and more of your target audience in this section.

You’re targeting homeowners with a cleaning service, so the ideal age range is between 27 and 70. You may miss some younger homeowners or older people who are tech-savvy.

There are plenty of customers in your age group so that you will spend less.

If you want to target leads for post-construction cleaning, filter for admins of Facebook pages.

Important: Select Manual placements in the section for audience placement. Select Facebook Instant Articles and Audience Network. These placements do not convert as well on Facebook or Instagram timelines and stories.

The Creative

Last but not least, you need to create a creative piece that instantly grabs your audience’s attention. Video is generally considered more engaging than photographs.

Videos are a great way to show before and after photos. Social proof is essential to build trust with potential clients.

Upload your photos in the desired order and select “single Image or Video” from Ad Setup.

Facebook allows you to turn your photos into stunning video slideshows easily.

You can then create a compelling headline and call to action to encourage people to learn more about your business.

Message conversions have the least impact on acquiring new leads, as they make it easy for customers and clients to start a conversation. You can then answer their questions, call them, or book them directly through Messenger.

You can achieve all this without having to invest thousands of dollars on a billboard or a site for your cleaning company.

If you use this strategy correctly, it can help you get leads for as low as $10 and customers as low as $30.

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