10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Put in the Laundry Machine

The process of washing clothes is about re-doing the best methods. Sometimes, it’s okay to change your routine of washing. It turns out that lots of unexpected things can be put through the washing machine, so long as you’ve prepared them correctly (think of mesh bags with zippers) and your device is set to the proper cycle and temperature setting.

Continue reading to learn more about the baffling items you could put into your washing machine, according to experts in the laundry. Of course, an expert in cleaning, Melissa Maker, founder of Clean My Space, quickly points out that you must look up an item’s washing instructions on its label before placing it in the washing machine.

Reusable Cloth Grocery Bags

Although reusable bags for grocery shopping are beneficial in terms of environmental impact, they could be harmful if you don’t clean them up properly after each use, and they could be an ideal habitat for mold and bacteria that could contaminate food. But according to the Maker, grocery bags made of cotton, canvas, and polyester can be refreshed in the washer. Here are some instructions to wash and dry your reusable bags for grocery shopping by the fabric they’re made of.

Makeup Sponges

Everything you put on your face must be spotless. This also includes the makeup sponges. Constantly using makeup sponges and not cleaning them could result in a caked application, mold, and bacteria growth. Of course, washing their hands each time you apply makeup can be quite a hassle.

Some people do not recommend putting these sponges through a washing machine ( including the manufacturers of the Beauty Blender); each Maker, along with Patric Richardson, a laundry specialist and the host in the show “The Laundry Guy,” believes it’s okay to take them for the spin. According to Maker, the makeup sponges that can be reused are made from a more robust foam than disposable makeup sponges. Therefore, they can be washed in a washing machine with an enclosed bag during the warm or cold water cycle, after which they are laid out flat for drying. Richardson suggests washing off excess makeup first before cleaning the sponges by themselves.

Shower Curtains

Nothing is more disgusting than a curtain for your shower covered with mildew. Oh, that’s yours? There’s no need to purchase an entirely new curtain; instead, you could throw it into the washer.

“If your shower curtain looks dingy or has mold or mildew buildup, you can throw it into the washing machine with a couple of towels,” Maker says. Maker says that the towels aid in getting the curtain to remove dirt. Maker recommends using regular soap and cool water, which is more gentle on fabrics, and Richardson suggests using oxygen bleach to lighten your shower curtains. After that, hang to dry.


The smell of makeup, drool, and sweat… your pillow could get pretty dirty even if you have an extra pillowcase. Don’t worry: If your cushion is made from down, cotton, or poly-filled material, you can wash everything in the machine.

Hannah Yokoji, brand director for The Laundress, suggests that you treat the stains ( find instructions for various types of colors, including makeup to sweat, on this page), after which wash the pillows with cool or cold water (to ensure the pillow’s filling is protected) using laundry detergent using the delicate cycle with a low spin. Then, place the pads in the dryer using dryer balls to return their fluff. Ensure that they are scorched before removing them to avoid mildew from forming.

Stuffed Toys

From being sucked into to being thrown to the ground or dragged about, The toys are subject to lots of rough treatment and can become quite dirty. However, “many modern stuffed animals are safe to wash,” Richardson says. Richardson. But it’s a case in which you’ll need to talk to the manufacturer first and then go through the care label’s instructions.

If it’s safe to wash at the washing machine, Maker recommends putting the toy in a bag for delicates, washing it with child-safe detergent, and drying it in a low-heat dryer or lying it on a flat surface to dry.


Silk is not a well-known brand for its delicate nature. In reality, Richardson says that silk is one of the most robust substances on the planet, and due to this fact, the silk you purchase may be able to withstand a wash through the washing machine. Richardson suggests putting all silk items into an airtight bag and washing it with detergent for laundry (not detergent, as it may cause color bleeding or lead to loss of luster in silk) in the express cycle, which, as Richardson claims, “is long enough to get your clothes clean, but short enough not to abrade fabric,” and finally dry them in the air.

Canvas Shoes

There’s probably nothing better than a clean pair of sneakers; your previous canvas sneakers could get the same look after washing. Richardson says shoes made of natural materials like hemp, cotton, or linen are safe for washing machines in contrast to other shoe materials, like suede or leather. He recommends placing your canvas shoes into a bag with mesh and washing them using oxygen bleach (it’s safe for colors) using the express cycle to quickly and efficiently clean dirt off and create the “fresh out of the box” appearance. (First, check that the shoes you purchased have suede or leather details such as a tongue tag!) It is important to note that even companies such as Rothy’s and Allbirds, which make machine-washable shoes, recommend air drying.


It is not necessary to hand wash all wool clothes! As per Miguel Villalobos, head of experience and revenue for online laundry services, Dree wool is a natural fiber. It is safe to use in washing machines when adequately handled.

“Just be sure to wash it by itself inside a mesh bag,” Villalobos states. “If you have multiple woolen items, use a separate mesh bag for each garment, and always wash on a delicate cycle with cold water.” Also, ensure that you’re using a detergent specifically designed for wool, as it’s made with levels of pH that don’t cause harm to the fibers.

Down Parkas

You may not think you can get your heavy downcoat damp, but you can! “The farmer didn’t grab the geese and bring them inside when it rained; they just swam in the pond,” Richardson explains. Richardson. “It stands to reason they can get wet.”

Richardson suggests that you use detergent for laundry and not for washing items since laundry soap won’t leave leftover residue and won’t rub the feathers. Richardson is also of the opinion that these items should be rinsed by hand. If you’re wearing a down parka, Richardson suggests hanging it out to dry and putting it in the dryer without heat and three tennis balls to bring back the fluff.

Car Floor Mats

Car floor mats endure a lot of wear and tear due to dust, crumbs, weather, and occasional spills. However, washing them without spending money on professional washing is possible. Mats for cars are also durable. And, although some sites recommend hand washing, according to Richardson, because they won’t be washed frequently, they can be put in the washer in the cold cycle and air dry.

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